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    my father in law uses his ipad the "majority of the time" to surf the net and watch mlb online. to do any real work, he pulls out his laptop.

    ipad is just a media/web device which thats all a lot of people do.

    i sat next to a guy taking meeting notes today on his ipad....sorry but when i go to type, pecking with a single finger is not what I had in mind. Thats why I love my hp can do both when I want it to
    Thats the tip of tablet I can fully justify using. I'm really on the fence about tablets. I would prefer not to take my 17 inch dv7 to school, so a tablet would be nice for note taking, ect as well as a bigger screened media and Internet device, but if I have a good smartphone why other then screen size should I get this? If it allows deeper programs, more high powered games, and good battery life, it's more justifiable, add a keyboard that can be used and a pen that works with capactive touchscreens, hd display on a 12 inch screen, and maybe windows for what the tablet can't do, and webos for quick always on action, then you have a real pc replacement. Tablets can't replace pc's yet due to power, programs and price. When those things come in check, a tablet could be 90% of computer usage, but it's still not as productive. You still can't download off the Internet, there's still no bigger programs for those needing high power office suites or even mmorpgs for hardcore gaming. The productivity software is still very limited compared to ms office. I'd like an iPad sure, it has great qualities like the interface and some cool apps, most of all great for movies! But I have an iPod touch. There's no justification and that is where most people will fall. A tablet will need to replace a good amount of pc usage scenarios in order to become huge. This type of device would be a geat transition device. Not saying the current concept will not have any success. There are many techie people, people who don't need much functionality, and people who have desktops and just need something quick. There's also those who want a big moie player and ereader. A webos tablet would probably get much closer to the point when it comes to functionality because it's much more open, however software wise it would be further behind.

    Still though, am watching closely for a reason to buy a tablet, like the idea of a touchscreen mobile computer, just want it to do more with the ability to be quick, intuitive and last which is why dualbooted systems would be amazing!
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    >>i sat next to a guy taking meeting notes today on his ipad....sorry but when i go to type, pecking with a single finger is not what I had in mind. Thats why I love my hp can do both when I want it to>>

    I just attended a conference in San Jose this past week. Perhaps 500 in attendance?

    Granted, this is the Arts, where Macs have more traction, but I was utterly astounded that 1 out of every 4 people had an iPad in the meeting general sessions and breakouts.

    I have started seeing more on planes, etc but never thought I would see so many there.

    In fact, a hash tag for Twitter comments related to the number of iPads developed because it was such a commented on fact during this event.

    And speaking for myself, with the iPad propped, I can be hella fast on that keyboard. And since it auto corrects, its even more accurate than working on a keyboard (except when working in Word )

    And not sure why I have to have to a hardwired computer to share my Docs to Go documents?
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    Curious as to the functionality of the office programs for mobile. I have quick office connect on my itouch which is full featured version but cannot be saved unless I upgrade. Anyway, is it really that basic on mobile?? Basic it let's you change text and alignments as well as indents and adding bullets. Other then that (oh and find feature) there's nothing else. I believe the scratch app for webos is just as functional. My point is, is that each portion is very limited on features even the spreadsheet app doesn't allow for merging cells!

    I'm not expecting much, depends on the price too, but I would spend max 10 bucks on this. It's not good enough to do research papers with, or much else then letters and maybe notes. Actually off my point, is it different/ more feature rich on the iPad?
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