View Poll Results: Will you jump ship if EVO drops below $100

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  • Yes

    8 12.90%
  • No

    44 70.97%
  • Yes with intention of jumping back to WebOS once new handsets appear

    10 16.13%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    But the Evo is almost outdated already... Might as well get a nicer Android phone
    That's the point your not going to get a top of the line phone for $100 unless there old.
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    the pre is selling for a 100 or less lol lol ltm ltm ltm
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadavis08 View Post
    the pre is selling for a 100 or less lol lol ltm ltm ltm
    Yeah, I just got a really good price on Ebay for the one I got for Tom!
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    well looks like the time has come. evo for under a hundred HTC EVO 4G for Sprint -
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    The EVO over your two year contract will cost about $2000.

    You are saying that if you got a $99 discount you would buy.

    You want a 5% discount.

    OK, are you getting your employee discount?

    Employees of thousands of companies get special discounts of 5% - 25%.

    Have you checked to see if you qualify?

    You can enter your work email here to see what discount you can get:
    Employee Value Program - Home -

    Or Contact EVP at (888) 457-6294.

    Here are lists of employer discounts from last spring:
    Do I qualify for a discount - Android Forums
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