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    honest question. No flames please

    I was about to get an itouch to tether to my pre and then realised this is ludicrous, I should just get an iphone..

    so my question is should I get one on verizon in jan, att in jan or att now?

    it costs me $70 to break my contract now. My main thought is that when vz comes out w an iphone it will make att drop the price of their iphone. It may also be that the vz iphone will have '4g'.

    does the iphone generally drop in price over time at all?
    will att service open up after people go to vz?
    do you think there will be a ton of iphones on ebay after people move to vz? Will I still have to get a ridic iphone plan on att if I buy my phone of ebay?
    in general does vz or att have higher prices for plans w data sms and some minutes?
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    If you travel overseas alot, AT&T. If not then Verizon.
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    The only time the iPhone drops in price is right before the new version is launched. Also apple controls the price, not at&t, so I don't see a price drop if the new verizon iPhone is launched in Jan. As for network performance, it all depends on where you live. I have never had a problem with AT&T in Florida since I got them 6 years ago, it was Cingular back then. Data speeds are also generally faster on at&t than verizon. But again this will all depend on where you use your phone. Also the verizon iPhone hasn't been confirmed at all, it's just a rumor and these rumore have been around for years now. Personally I just don't see, if/when apple does decide to release a verizon iPhone I see them doing it in June/July when they announce their iPhone refresh.
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