Ok, so I've had my Pixi plus for around 8-9 months now I love WebOS and all the capabilities and freedom it allows you my main fear is that most things that are kinda....basic to do on webOS can violate your contract with verizon with Google's OS. (Such as rooting)

But anyway, my Pixi has finally had it its got quite beaten bashed battered dropped dinged beat etc...I'm currently a college student (EET) so I enjoy playing around with hardware and software alike and having pretty good access to my phone internals...quite lovely for me, but luckily my upgrade has come up and I'm torn I have several choices my major ones are the LG Ally running Froyo 2.1 or a Fathom (Really don't like windows mobile used to have the old HTC VM12331 or whatever phone from verizon) or an Incredible....Oddly enough I'd pay the same price for all 3? I find odd but my other options I'm considering is either getting a Pre or holding off for the Pre 2 but I'm currently pretty much phoneless (outer rubber casing of the phone came off and it worked...for awhile I was to cheap to buy a new casing for it) and manage to drop it on the top and broke the inside power button and its extremely difficult to get it to turn on

So what I want to know is kick out and get an Android which really scares me in some ways or grab a pre for the extra buck or hold out until the Pre 2 (Androids I can get from 0-50$ Pre I have to pay around 50-100$ keep in mind I'm a Dependant barely just turned 18 college student with no "true" income)