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    Some interesting findings:

    "The average cycle time for handsets first sold in 2008 based on Qualcomm's QSD8250 chipset and Android's Donut 1.6 release was a brief 8 months. By late 2009, the average cycle time for handsets based on Qualcomm's MSM7227 chipset and Android's Eclair 2.1 release had nearly halved, down to 4.5 months. This is "warp speed" for complex smartphones."
    "The levelling of the time to market playing field, the rush of new market entrants, and the emergence of "Quadroid" as the dominant offering will drive down gross margins for handset companies to dramatic new lows close to the 810% range endured by major PC manufacturers like Acer or Lenovo. Some handset companies may not survive."

    Study suggests Android handset makers will suffer the fate of PC makers | Technology |
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    Commoditization will almost certainly happen to smartphones in general as they become more ubiquitous. Pure phone manufacturers like HTC will probably suffer the most in that environment. Companies like Apple, with a tightly-integrated ecosystem will be less affected. Companies like HP will do fine as well because of the breadth of their product line, but their stand-alone smartphone division will suffer like HTC.
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    So their fate will be to be like Dell and HP computers?

    Apple ends up at a 6% marketshare with Android getting almost everything else? Like Mac and Windows?

    Ummm. Dell and HP have done really well with that.

    The consumer is the big winner.
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    No surprises here. I alaways figured this would happen, but really, that's a problem for HTC/Samsung/Motorola. It's not a problem for Google, and not a problem for Android users. I wonder, though, given commodotization, will consumers see lower prices, or will carriers simply cut more lucrative deals with the manufacturer?

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