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    Android dominates consumer reports rating once again.
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    Palm pre was debuted in 2009 and Palm pre plus 11 months ago and it was basically the same phone and pre-2 is almost the same phone as well. I dont think anything is going to come in CR for palm for next 6 months atleast.
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    zzzzzzzzzzzzzz, ooops, was someone texting?!?
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    Looks like Hero beat out the Pre.
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    From AndroidCentral:

    Consumer Reports magazine last updated its smartphone ratings in August -- and a lot has changed since then. But one thing that definitely hasn't changed is that Android dominates the ratings. It's almost embarrassing, actually. Here's how it breaks down for the four major U.S. carrier, with positions in parenthesis:Of the top 11 smartphones available in the US, 10 are Androids.

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