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    I love my palm pre, but it is dieing... quickly. It won't establish a data connection all of the sudden yesterday, I can only call people using speakerphone, and the physical keyboard will stop working periodically all together. I am on Sprint and eligible for my one-year upgrade, and am considering getting an epic or evo. Those of you who have had actual experience owning one, or atleast extensive time with one, not just playing around with it for a few minutes, which should I get? And will I be satisfied? I really like how webos fits everything together with synergy and is a well thought out operating system, plus I have my phone very, very patched including the kernel. From what I've seen from the Evo it looks nice from the speed, but will I be happy switching over? What are some of the problems with it? Because if not I can get a new pre for 100 because of insurance, but I just can't imagine getting another original pre when it is so outdated today. I've been waiting for a new palm phone for so long, but I am about ready to throw in the towel with how the future looks for webos on Sprint. Thoughts?
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    future looks good on sprint,if you can wait a bit longer. If your phone is under yr you can get it replaced threw sprint for free.if it's over a year and you have insurance you can get it replaced for no charge.if no insurance you can get it replaced from sprint for 100 bucks,save your upgrade and wait a few more months tops,for next hp/webos phone on sprint.
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    I have insurance, but from my understanding it is still 100 dollars to replace a pre if it is out of it's 1 year warranty. And looking for some real input on android here, not just a yes...
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    sprint changed policy as of nov 1. What we consider innsurance is now called a extended warinty. You will nolonger have to pay the 100 dollar dedutible. You can get it fixed ot replaced for free.
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    Honestly, I wouldn't sign up for a contract on any Sprint device right now. CES is just 8 weeks away, and you'll have a better idea of what's coming and what's just around the corner. If you need a functional device, I've found Palm Pre phones for as low as $50 on Craigslist. Buy another and limp your way to CES.

    The Evo and Epic are both very nice devices, to be sure, but I just think you should give yourself the maximum number of options.
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    if you are paying for insurance,it will pqy off for you right now,,go get it replaced for no additional charge and save the upgrade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by awooten View Post
    I have insurance, but from my understanding it is still 100 dollars to replace a pre if it is out of it's 1 year warranty. And looking for some real input on android here, not just a yes...
    it's only $50 for insurance replacement on vzw.
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    If you don't mind spending $35, why not just try one of the other phones and judge for yourself? There is nothing like real-world hands-on experience to help you decide.
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    I hate to suggest Android but... If you buy a EVO for $200 and don't like it you could easily sell it for that much and apply the money towards an outright Pre 2 purchase
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    You were right, I can go get a replacement pre for free if they can't diagnose and fix it. That is what I will be doing I suppose, although I am not optimistic about the future of palm on Sprint. I'll probably rock the pre hoping for an announcement of a new phone on sprint, otherwise wait till my 2 years is up and switch carriers. Thanks
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    I had an Evo. I just returned it because the OS just didn't work smoothly together. I really hated that I had to use 3 different programs to chat across, gTalk, Aim and text (all one window with webOS) also other portions of the OS just didn't flow.

    All told, go buy an androind and use it. If you don't like it you can take it back. I did.

    Now i'll wait for new webOS hardware, or try Windows Phone 7. I DO miss the hardware upgrade.

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    I had been a Palm user for many years and was excited when the Pre came out. I still believe that WebOs is incredible and the potential for growth is great...but, currently, Androids evolution is more dynamic.

    I switched over to the EVO a few weeks ago and I was worried that I would miss gestures, notifications and cards. I was most worried about the loss of a physical keyboard. My last 3 phones were the Treo, Centro, and Pre. I have to say the transition to the EVO was seamless and the on-screen keyboard is very easy to use. The hardware is head and shoulders above the Pre.

    You may miss cards, as it is the best way to multitask on any OS. But there is a way to multitask on the EVO. It involves holding down the home button and bringing up the last 8 apps used, and you can switch back and forth that way. Not as smooth as the Pre but it is an option. Notifications are adequate on the EVO, not as refined at WebOS, but you will get used to them pretty fast. And if you have a Touchstone, you will miss this dearly. I feel the Touchstone is the single most innovative addition to any phone on the market. Especially given the Pre's micro USB access point.

    Where the EVO excels is in its use of widgets, app market (if you're not into gaming), hardware (no contest), and basic functions. By basic functions I mean Phone, Messaging, Calendar, and Voicemail. And it is blazing fast. I had my Pre patched to the hilt, kernels and all. And if it weren't for this the Pre would be deep in the shadows of its competitors. But even with this, it's usability is not on par with a "stock" EVO.

    So all that to say that it would be worth your time to give the EVO a spin. If you don't like it, bring it back and replace your Pre for $50. But I think you will like the EVO enough to stick with it. Just the feeling of security, in that your phone will probably not self-destruct on you, may be enough to keep it.

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