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    Quote Originally Posted by shyam101 View Post
    recently XDA is attempting webOS on a totally new phone with a new OS as well..

    the specs of the palm pre and the sprint htc hero (android) are really simular

    what would happen if webOS came on a android phone

    Well webOS is being ported to an android phone with a touch screen keyboard of course and also the ability to dual boot between android and webOS(personally i loved webOS the palm pre was my first phone and i will always love it ...only had it for 3 days cuz sprint applications failed...) now i was thinking of getting one on my bday jan 31... but now i might not have to webOS on a totally new phone how amazing will it be? XDA always ports things to phone but to me this is proublly the best thing ever... webOS my favorite mobile operating system that i love more than the the iphone

    Well anyways what do you guys think?
    Android and Palm together
    My birthday is on January 31st too .
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    the evo has different specs than the hero therefore webOS will not be stable on it we are justputting palm pre's on it if a palm device like the evo comes out then it can
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    Now, if they were porting it to something like the EVO, that would be completely different! Why put webOS on even worse hardware (Hero) than the Pre Minus?
    the evo has different specs than the hero therefore webOS will not be stable on it we are justputting palm pre's on it if a palm device like the evo comes out then it can
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    Quote Originally Posted by v7z730ib View Post
    My birthday is on January 31st too .
    Mine is Jan 30th lol
    Want to keep up with my exciting new projects? You know where to find me.
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    <threads combined>
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    Oh ya and also it is the CDMA hero sorry gsm sim hero you guys have different specs by the palm pre and since were porting it from the sprint palm pre only CDMA sprint palm pre also the gsm sim has completely different specs than the palm pre plus for sim so this will only work with sprint CDMA just like the evo specs to different CDMA hero right choice
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    From a post in that thread in xda developers (Yes, Mr. Blurry Cam strikes again)
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    So, this is supposed to be a port of webOS from a Sprint Pre to a HTC Hero ...

    A) Let's dissect that photo ...

    1) The carrier is black squared out (it says "Verizon Wireless" when the porter has said he is on Sprint, so it needed to be blanked out for Mr Blurry Cam).
    2) The background is from a Verizon Pixi (that particular flower picture is only distributed on the Verizon Pixi, not on any Pre, and especially not a Sprint Pre).
    3) The dialer is a Pixi dialer (the Pre has letters under the numbers, not beside them).
    4) Oil has found an identical screenshot image from a Verizon Pixi on Google images (see next post).

    B) Let's dissect the files that were supposedly used to run webOS on the Hero ...

    1) It's an unmodified Sprint webOS 1.4.5 Castle (Pre) filesystem simply repackaged into an ext3 "system.img" file.
    2) It has the Pre kernel swapped out for an Android kernel, but none of the corresponding kernel modules that are essential for webOS operation have been swapped out. Since the kernel version is different, it could not possibly load the Pre kernel modules.
    3) There is no source code repository of changes made while porting.

    C) Let's dissect the behaviour of the supposed porter ...

    1) He has never contacted anyone in WebOS Internals regarding information needed to do the port, nor has he ever posted questions about webOS operation on PreCentral.
    2) He did not post the procedure or files required to reproduce the port immediately.
    3) He did not post a screenshot immediately (and when it did come, it's Mr Blurry Cam above).
    4) He has not posted a video of someone interacting with the device running webOS.

    D) Let's dissect the reaction from the tech press ...

    1) It has not appeared on Engadget, even though it was supposed to have happened days ago.
    2) No other tech site has picked it up.

    and ...

    E) There has not been a single report of someone reproducing the so-called "port".

    Gentle reader, draw your own conclusions ...

    -- Rod
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    He did a great job of staging that exact screenshot for his blurry photo, including time, battery percent, open apps, etc

    Found that screenshot in the first page of google image search results.
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    note the amount of black space around the edges of the screen.
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    I wanted to believe it was true, oh well.
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    Hi, everybody! How's it going? Hope you're all having a great Friday night where you are (or Saturday afternoon for some of you). And I hope you've all had a great time with this supposed port of webOS to Android. (FWIW, it's something I'd love to see.)

    That said, I have two rules in life: 1: Never pass up a free lunch. And 2: Don't argue with Rod and and Jerry Hildenbrand when they're right.

    We've bricked a Hero at AndroidCentral trying this. It doesn't work. And Rod's breakdown of the supposed screen shot seems solid to me. If it was real, we would have seen video by now. Period.

    And if it turns out to be real, we'll bring you video ASAP. Now everybody chill, and hold hands and sing songs. Cause that's what all the other Android peeps say goes on here.

    (Them's jokes, people!)
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    Phil: nice one mate avagoodweekend.

    -- Rod
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    Looks cool. Is there a video one can check out?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bklaydman View Post
    Looks cool. Is there a video one can check out?
    If you'd read the two threads here on the subject you'd know it was a hoax. So no. No videos, because it didn't actually happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Nickinson View Post
    That said, I have two rules in life: 1: Never pass up a free lunch. And 2: Don't argue with Rod and and Jerry Hildenbrand when they're right.
    The last part of #2 is redundant. When was the last time either of those guys were wrong? If anyone can remember it, they should post the link.

    I also have two rules:

    1) if it seems too good to be true, it probably is

    2) assume Rod & Jerry are correct unless the earth is clearly on a path to plunge into the sun...
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    Using the same technology, I recently ported WebOS to an old Motorola that I had lying around.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcpaul View Post
    using the same technology, i recently ported webos to an old motorola that i had lying around.
    In a world of droid, Pre does it better.

    Shouldn't we treat this world like the Garden of Eden and avoid the apple at all costs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    Geeks doing things for their own use is fine. I doubt that anyone has a problem with that.

    It's when they start distributing the results of that as "custom ROMz" that the hardware or OS vendor is then forced to act to protect their trademark or copyright status. The law requires them to vigorously defend their property, or else their legal status is effectively reduced in future cases. And then the folks that are doing things legally get caught in the cross-fire, and everyone loses.

    -- Rod
    Seeing as the patenting of software is no different than the ownership of an equation, I have no sympathy for Palm or the law. Patent rights on software are completely absurd morally and pragmatically.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sketch42 View Post
    Oh.. So a company has no right to protect it's IP according to you ... I doubt that palm had this in mind when supporting homebrew.

    Palm has made it clear that it is illegal to post any vers of their IP online, and that it has been that way since the beginning.. Check out the meta doctor thread.

    these threads shouldn't be allowed on PC... If some PC Members want to go to xda to help, than fine. But don't bring that garbage here.

    [i]-- Sent from my Palm PrPrPr
    IP is the ownership of an idea. It is neither rivalrous or reasonably excludable, thus to assume it is a type of property is absurd.
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