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    So I was in Best Buy today talking to an employee about phones, some about WebOS. He was pretty cool, mentioned that I might burn my November Sprint upgrade on a new phone. He mentioned that every friday this month they put a set of higher end (not all are considered smartphones, to my standards) phones priced to $0 on upgrade. He said there were some nice ones this month and he's hoping to see the EVO or Epic get chosen. He let me know that it'll be on Best Buy's site tomorrow nite!

    I just wanted to let you guys know! It's the last time they're doing this sale so maybe they'll pull off some nice deals on one or more carriers! I couldn't turn down a free EVO or Epic, here's hoping! I'll update here when I find out.
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    For Sprint: Last week was the Sanyo Zio. The previous two weeks in a row was the Samsung Intercept. The first week was the Blackberry Curve 8350. It is usually on Best Buy Facebook and Best Buy Mobile Facebook around 1pm CT on Thursday
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    if it's anything decent I'll be upgrading, but not for a Blackberry. By the time Palm gets around to releasing some good hardware, I'll probably be eligible for another upgrade or wait a month or two at the most. I heard Best Buy may be offering some nice models tomorrow since it's the last day too.

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