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    This is a pretty neat trick. A clever user over at noticed that Nokia’s N900 was pretty similar in specs to the Palm Pre, and that they both run SDL 1.2 — meaning that it should be able to run unmodified WebOS binaries.

    Using a little elbow grease, hoodoo, and magic, YouTube user fukywak has put together a video showing that it is possible to run EA’s Sims 3 and Need For Speed without having to boot into a WebOS emulator.

    Now, the Palm Pre supports multi-touch, while the N900 doesn’t, so you need to pick a game that doesn’t require a multi-touch gesture for anything critical.

    The original thread is here, with (some) details on getting it working here. The site keeps dropping out, though, so I don’t have any more details than what I’ve said here. If you’re keen, though, keep on at it!

    [Via: Techcrunch]

    Palm Pre gets SDL! native gaming - - Talk | Awesome Screenshot
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    Woulda thought there wouldve been more replies by now

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    Neat. Does this mean maemo apps can run on webOS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by spongamabob View Post
    Neat. Does this mean maemo apps can run on webOS?
    that's the question! can we use N900 apps on a pre?

    and of course, now that the information is out, in which version palm/nokia will add a special bit somewhere to prevent it.
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    Yeah, WebOS is much more elegant than Maemo. But, with Nokia's staggering world-wide presence, I can see being Maemo getting more attention from software developers than WebOS.

    Therefore, vice-versa would be really interesting (Maemo apps running on a Pre).
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    Anyone from webOS-internals feel like chiming in on Maemo to WebOS conversions?

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