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    There word out that Sprint will getting a slider type Andriod phone from htc which basically looks like a small Evo...the htc Knight.

    HTC Knight for Sprint leaks with Android and a mysterious slider
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    looks just like an Evo with a 3.7 inch screen..
    I wonder what this will shape up to be though.
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    They already have a slider with Android, it's called the Epic.
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    Willl probably look like the G2. My friend has that on T-mobile and it's a solid phone. Everything feels right when you're using it, especially the slider. Hope Palm/hp's next phone after the pre2 is clean like that..
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    wow,,perfect size.
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    And the update seems to point to a launch around ces......hmm, another reason sprint possibly won't have a new hp webOS phone, ponder that one.

    UPDATE: Following a leak of the actual device, we've now got a little more information about the Knight for you.* As you can see in the image below, a case for the handset has appeared in a Sprint document with a release date of January 6th.* An accessory launch date isn't always the best way to gauge a product's launch information but, as Boy Genius Report points out, Jan. 6th is the first day of CES 2011, making that date look pretty much like a lock.* Additionally, a source has told BGR that there's a "good chance" that the Knight will be called the HTC Speedy when it finally lands.
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    I bet it is a low end htc phone. Sprint has the evo and epic as their only 2 high end android phones and everything else is on the low end(intercept, transform, hero, zio).

    Something makes me wonder if sprint only wants very high end web centric phones that have 4g so they can charge the additional 10 dollar premium data fee. Think about it all the Android and Webos sprint phones are lower end phones when it comes to specs and such except for evo and epic which coincidentlly also have 4g. Maybe thats why sprint don't want the 1ghz pre2; because any 1 ghz Android or webos phone better have 4g to make the 10 dollar premium data fee an easy sell.
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    the epic is made by samsung tho not htc! And that extra $10 dollars for 4g that`s not even fully built and you will be going back and forth with 3g and 4g is just retarted! I`m going to just keep running my pre on 1ghz and the charger and wait for them to take that crap off! also changing our insurance in the middle of contracts was bogus also, I`ve been with sprint for 6 years and had many phones then I got the pre when it first came out and the first time there product breaks the tech`s can never fix anything so they send it away and I have to pay $100 dollars? Where`s the insurance money go? sorry for venting but sprint is about on my last nerve!!!!!!!!

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