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    Quote Originally Posted by wellwellwell11 View Post
    everyone should hold out until the next wave of webos devices are showcased in a few months, because as confermed that Foxconn (hp of course already works with them on their laptops) the same company that makes the iphone will be designing the next 4 to 5 webos devices. So CES will be ill next year, also the Palm Pad is being made by Foxconn too. Forget WM7, its obsolete, and will only sell like android because the device itself looks nice, and soon hardware will be beautiful like those devices. So why not use a device that has great hardware, and the best OS Webos......lets stay tuned.

    Foxconn isn't designing the devices, they are producing the devices. And just because they are the same manufacturer that produced the iphone doesn't mean it will be of the same design quality of the iphone. The webOS phone will still be designed by Palm which has historically had uninspired hardware.

    I personally don't think the OP should wait around for these mythical superphones supposedly coming at the beginning of the year. IF they do announce the phones, they probably won't actually be released until Q2.
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    oh and i almost for window office? *** do we have? exactly...
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    Quote Originally Posted by NickDG View Post
    Still waiting to hear what apps WM7 has that webOS doesn't have, other than the few you listed. (Netflix, etc)
    Apps that I use and need:
    - Shazam
    - Netflix
    - Full functionality to be able to review and edit documents (some even in the cloud)
    - Slingplayer
    - Cardstar
    - Vonage

    These are just a few that I have been able to think of, I`m sure there are others.

    The multitasking is great in WebOS and it seems like WebOS 2.0 is also just building on the multitasking strengths. It`s funny how most people are trying to say Windows Phone 7 doesn`t do this and that. If I recall when Palm launched the Pre last year, WebOS was missing many features and people were comparing it to the iPhone. Most stating that the iPhone has a leap of a year on the Pre so wait a year and see. Now we are not giving WP7 the benefit of doubt and bashing it the same way. So multitasking will come and copy-paste is coming early next year.

    Blackberry has already taken the card concept with the Playbook so not sure where Palm is going.

    Don`t get me wrong, I am a fan of Palm and I am using a Pre right now and I will continue using it till early next year. I`m just a realistic person and like to give everything a equal play field.
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    Quote Originally Posted by agusta View Post
    Hi guys...I'm looking to replace my Palm Pre. I've had it from day one and getting bored of the phone. I am looking at the HTC HD 7; what are your guys thoughts on that?

    Like I have unlimited data, unlimited text, and unlimited talk so the Palm Pre doesn't really offer me anything to keep me engaged. The Palm Pre 2 ain't that interesting to me; so I'm waiting for the Palm superphone. Until then I am thinking the HTC HD 7 would be perfect since it has netflix and other apps which Palm is missing for now.

    Don't get me wrong I'm a huge fan of I will be getting the next Palm superphone, the Pre just isn't cutting for me.

    What are your guys thoughts?
    I would wait for CES.
    Especially with android 3.0 [and the fact that it will bring new phones per the report requirements of it]
    And there might possibly be a favorable announcement from Hpalm.

    Quote Originally Posted by TyBec View Post
    Have fun without multi-tasking!
    Silly comment.
    Haven't really missed cards too much with my Evo.
    I press down the home button and get my recent apps. Whole process takes about .2 seconds longer on Android.
    If that's the only reason to not switch then meh.
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