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    and how they took a lot of wrong decisions, here's a couple of good nuggets:

    Phones began to be constructed by ordering up selected functions - for example an onboard camera application - from the component workshops.

    "This really was an effective way of working. But at the same time it meant the loss of a product-centred approach, and we forgot what the firm was actually selling - mobile phones for people", says the former manager.

    "The products became characterless, standard fare devices; phones cobbled together out of basic components and not really differing one from another in any meaningful way. And the wild ideas and visions were killed off effectively by the choking grip of factory thinking."
    "Precisely. Nobody had had the responsibility for thinking about and putting hands to work on the next user interface. Nokia woke up with its pants around its ankles when the iPhone arrived. In practice, nothing had been done about it at that point. It really was not anyone's direct responsibility in the then organisation. The responsibility was spread about all over the place, in the whole house. All the resources at that time went into producing the existing product assortment."
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    assembly line thinking. It becomes more abt the product, not the customer
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