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    True, but a 3 minute load time certainly puts me off.

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    Looks great to me.

    I love how the long load time Engagdet claims for The Harvest (3 min) isn't recorded on video yet all the other games that were loaded, did so in under 20 seconds, including the very detailed Sims 3...weird huh?
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    LOL... I was thinking the same thing. People are constantly complaining here about the 3 minute boot-up time on the Pre... imagine that time just to load an app on Win7. I do think that the 3 minute time they recorded was more of a fluke than standard. The other items loaded rather quickly (which I'm sure is the norm).
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    being a big fan of xbox live and Zune, windows phone 7 has me interested. I'll give it a year to let the platform mature however.

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