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    since the antenna is externalized on the steel band, what justification was there to build the back with glass in the first place ??

    aesthetics over function ??
    A good question. Before determining if this is a case of form over function, one would need to know the manufacturing savings using one material vs two for the housing, the engineering trade-offs sealing one material type to another (front to back) vs 2 material types, and overall cost associated with materials and manufacturing.
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    Good luck trying to whip up a frenzy over glassgate. The reason the antenna issue was so easy to stir up is not because it was causing people to drop calls. Quite the contrary, most got a better signal in real-world use. Within minutes of the phone being on the market, there were YouTube videos showing how to make the bars drop. Once shown, people could easily duplicate it and be convinced that they had a problem.

    This can't be duplicated. It has been months since the phone was released. There is no real-world outcry. There is no trick to duplicate. An iPhone user hears about this new "issue", they look at the back of their phone, and find no scratches. Case closed. This is only a cynical attempt by some to try and scare people away from buying an iPhone in the first place. FUD.
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    I think ppl won't even realize this glassgate business #1 and 2 knowing it's glass will expect breakage, cracks and whatnot which leads right back to #1

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    they could have as much as a 45% rate of this happening, and it wouldn't slow things down. apple's pretty untouchable in a lot of ways...
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    So here is the guy that created this nonsense, now doing some backtracking......

    Following up on yesterday's "Glassgate" story, I wanted to clarify something a couple of publications... - gdgt
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