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    Ok.. Im putting on my tinfoil helmet and putting this out there..

    I was talking to a friend today who was thinking about getting an Epic or Evo. I tired to tell him about how cool WebOS was but it fell on deaf ears. He then asked me why I was such an Android hater. My response was "Google".

    I went on to tell him that I believe Google's ultimate goal is world domination. As I type, Im convinced they are looking for an Island, buying the worlds supply of eye patches and recruiting evil midgets to act as their minions. By collecting all of our data through web searches and the Android platform they know more about us than our wives. As far as we know its for marketing purposes and the advertisements pay for Android (Hmm... a self supporting platform to document our interests and movements).

    Google has come under fire from Governments for poaching wifi, have pictures of every house in the world and are one subpeona way from providing all kinds of info to the black helicopter people.

    Twenty years ago if anybody said.. There will be an entity that can track your movements, has pictures of everybody's houses and knows all your interests, people wold have responded: We have rights! The Government cant do that to us. Well they would be partially right.. its not the Government.

    This is kinda tongue and cheek but.... AM I nuts???? Is Android the beginning of the end as we know it??
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    you are correct. Google is the new Microsoft.
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    One of the ex-heads of Google said that Google isn't interested in mobile phones, operating systems, etc... what they are truly interested in is controlling HOW people access the internet and access information. Their goal is to truly control how people receive information because that is where all the money basically filters from to all other industries. They will jump in and try to dominate any market that ties into the web. Phones, tablets, computers (coming)... if it connects, they want to control it. Years ago it was though of as a 'nice dream' that they were teased about... but they are well on their way to that target - taking all of our privacy with them.

    <puts tinfoil hat back on>
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    Could be could be Apple who has pictures of every house in the world
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    Hate to tell you, but the moment you got a Social Security Number, your private life ended. You'd be surprised at what one can gather from that 9 digit number. And Google, Microsoft or Apple have nothing on that.
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    Your not nuts balzak, ok maybe you are just a little. I've felt the same way about google for awhile, but you've heard the saying...cant beat em, join em!!! I feel I can't hide no matter how or what I do, so I think I'll just let them assimilate me and live happily ever after....... I know, I know that makes you want to barf, me to.
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    Not just google.. It's just that google is currently the best at it..
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    I feel the same way. But at a certain point you have to come to the realization that it's not about controlling the flow of digital imfromation, it's money. Google wants to put itself into a position to make lots of it. You can drive yourself nuts thinking about every major corporations secret agenda. Just my thoughts...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Balzak View Post
    AM I nuts????
    I vote yes.
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    Personally I say Facebook is the source of all evil. We give them all our info, our pics of our family, kids and they totally expose all this for all. Just cant believe what people do on facebook , things they would not ever give out.
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    Walt Disney Co. followed by Microsoft, Google, Honda and Johnson & Johnson are the companies that are ranked highest in Corporate Social Responsibility. This means that they have a deliberate inclusion of public interest into corporate decision-making, and the honoring of a triple bottom line: people, planet, profit. What better way to enforce this bottom line then by engaging in Corporate Eavesdropping to monitor the public’s interests and adjust their CSR accordingly. All companies including Google, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, and HP, monitor their markets for trends and opportunities but some companies like Google are more blatant about it than others.
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    Balzak....I've heard of don't hafta be crazy, but it helps.

    Thanks NNNewman for the reference to the tinfoil hat.....almost forgot about mine......(try and read my mind NOW, alien scum!)
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    Google = Skynet

    case closed
    In a world of droid, Pre does it better.

    Shouldn't we treat this world like the Garden of Eden and avoid the apple at all costs?
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    Eh, I'm kind of the opposite. Yes, Google is dominating, but they don't seem to have lost the small-company mindset and innovation. They aren't anywhere near as greedy as license-happy M$. So far they haven't really done anything that makes me think they might be evil. In fact, just the opposite. Everything they do seems to be done right. I'm certainly happy Google is taking over the world instead of Apple. God I hate Apple...
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    Well you do have a reason to be weary of Google. They aren't a technology company, thier an advertisement company, who has learned that the more information they have on people the better they can distribute ads. It would not be inconceivable that Android is simple built to one day be a large Ad distribution device.
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    It already is. There are many free apps in the android market because a lot of them have google ads running.

    Some are smart too. Like Handcent, an SMS app that gives you TONS of options compared to stock SMS app, is free. But the only time you see ads are when you are in the settings area of the phone. Since Handcent is heavy on settings they probably figured people will go there enough where views would be enough there.

    And it works well.
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    Yes, Google, like any other for-profit company on the planet, exists to make money. That's capitalism. At least with Google, their ads are not intrusive, and often times they actually contain what I am looking for, so I'm happy to click on them and throw Google a bone. Google ads are probably the only ads I don't block because of that.
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    Android is the OS for the biggest losers. HTC / Samsung / Motorola.
    so they pay microsoft to use google's OS. Microsoft, you see... makes things, it has patents, and it is enforcing them on google handset makers. It's a good thing. I don't think you have to worry, though. For instance, Verizon android handsets default to bing search. Android will be great middleware, and all the handset suppliers can get ad revenue from the highest bidder. The experience only has to be compelling enough to sell you new hardware, and long term support does not need to be an issue with the handset makers. I believe that in the long run you will see google's native apps supplanted by vendor supplied alternatives of these applications as google gets squeezed further and further out of the model.
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    haha... Google is definitely the Borg... or Skynet as someone else mentioned... im sure thoughtcrimes come next.

    Seriously though... just because Google says it isnt interested in a lot of the information it gathers, doesnt mean it isnt selling that information to others who ARE interested. This is capitalism at its purest form really...
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    I am far more afraid of Google than any other entity. Knowledge is power. Knowledge about you is power over you. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Google has no product to sell. Information is their product. Search is based on content created by others. Google just indexes it. Android is based on open source. They count on their partners to finish it and make it viable. They provide a platform for advertisers. What do the have to offer advertisers? You! You are not Google's customer; you are Google's product. If that doesn't worry you, it should.
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