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    This is what you get when you combine a blackberry and a pixi.
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    This is what you get when you combine a blackberry and a pixi.
    You need to do a web search on Moto Q - that will take you to 3 models of Moto Winmo phones with the same form factor. Moto has built this style of phone before to great have several other device manufacturers. Oh, and Palm built a couple of models along the way too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ApplelessthanPalm View Post
    I would certainly call it the pixi version of the BB Torch
    So a regular blackberry with a touchscreen then
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    a Droid pro/ palm pixi love child is what I want, and from what I hear most do too. I hear so many saying how the pixi form factor is perfect. Only problem is that it is under powered, and little too small (keyboard, screen).

    A slightly larger pixi with a 3.1" screen and slightly larger and better keyboard would be perfect. Throw in the 1ghz processor-512mb ram- and what not; call it the palm pro or something.
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    hope hp makes the pixi2 look exactly like the droidpro but erases the home, back, etc. buttons to allow for gestures. the current pixi's gesture is ridiculously large and prevents the phone from having the same size screen as the pre.

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