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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey47 View Post
    I am now starting to wonder what the mass market return percentage is for the Pre.
    A Sprint store manager simply said to me, "The Pre was just bad for business." So my guess is that the return percentage is at the very least, "uncomfortably heigh".
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    Quote Originally Posted by taharka View Post
    between 0 and 19, not 160. 160 is 4% of 4000 whereas 19 is .475% of 4000.

    So this survey shows up to 19 in 4000 choose webOS.

    20 would give the .5% needed that would have been rounded up to 1%.
    That's just embarrassing. I corrected my post...
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    Quote Originally Posted by milominderbinder View Post
    That's just embarrassing. I corrected my post...

    Absolutely correct, embarrassing that I just blindly agreed with you...
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    What's funny is I saw a comment in response to the P|C article that claims "it's not THAT bad." I think people are waiting for negative numbers before they consider things the be "THAT bad".
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    With out most respect...who cares...some people lead some just want to be led
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    Anybody who wants this platform to succeed and live on should care.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey47 View Post
    Until this weekend, I would have called that being "on our second or third Pre" the "PreCentral Effect", thinking that as a whole those of us who take part in this community are going to be more picky and thus more likely to exchange our phones....
    I am certain it is the other way around.

    If the average soccer mom or dad can't get their phone to work they take it to Sprint where a person with sometimes less knowledge says it is broken.

    I bet most normal users would just return it and get something else. So many of those had one die and were gone. Only one of us would go through 4 Pre's like I have done. My wife had her first Pre have the close-reboot problem in the first week and that was it.

    Here we will help you work the problem. If it is software, we fix it almost every time. If nothing else we send them to the Doctor.

    The only problems we can't fix are broken hardware issues.

    I have a friend who is a Best Buy Mobile Center Manager. She says that for every one Pre "placed" they had 2-3 Pre's returned. Her GM forbid any new Pre's in the store long before BB pulled Palm corporate-wide.

    - Craig
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    Quote Originally Posted by j_grouchy View Post
    I see this working if they can visually show how new phones are not only singular devices, capable of working on their own but also can be part of this larger family? chain?...of devices that work alone or together to fill the needs of the family, small business, home office, etc. I sincerely think this is how they are approaching it and also why they aren't just throwing a new phone out ahead of everything else. I believe they want to make it just a part of a larger whole that folks see the potential in and perhaps want to invest in other "pieces" of. I don't think just introducing a phone will have the impact that introducing a whole family of devices would. I think they'll market it as "imagine printing from your phone, scanning to your tablet, sharing your information between all your devices using the cloud...all your devices interacting seamlessly through the power of webOS". They're shooting from multiple angles and making webOS attractive to a lot more users than just the smartphone crowd...but at the same time making smartphones (or tablets...or cloud-connected printers, toasters and watches!) more attractive to those who maybe aren't on board yet.

    Just my thought...
    i been thinking this for a while BUT i hate n love the thought of it....
    hate because i fear a new phone isnt coming anytime soon...
    LOVE IT because they r thinking outside the box n that gets me excited!

    err ill hate if they do manage to do this and then some hater apple homebrew dev creates a app that will let them connect to the tablet/printer/toaster/fridge lol or w/e we get cuz then they'll be taking what lil difference we had and saying well we can do it too..... (i can already hear my bro saying that! ugh he did that with the cards and multitasking.....)
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    That is why I said who cares. If the problem has a solution do something about it if it does not don’t worry about it.
    I had palm for many years ( 7 more or less) I love PALM...having said that and I currently have a PIXI and a PRE I must say PALM sucks for the average user. This web site is living proof of it.
    The average user say my wife will not come to a place like this to enhance a product that should have been enhanced from the get go.
    The very existence of this web site (Which I love and Appreciate to the max) demonstrates my point.
    I am committed to PALM but I must say that I am tire to help other people to make their product work when it should had work from the beginning ( brother, co-workers etc).
    The average consumer will not give to seconds to enhance a product that cost 500 dollars.
    PALM is an adventure IS A HIGH MAINTENACE MACHINE I enjoy doing it, but many don’t and really why should they.

    I have so many patches in my machine to do things that should have been there from get go.
    I am not trying to offend any one …if you paid for a car, TV, blender, etc good money and then all of the sudden you had to DOCTOR IT I am almost certain that 1 out of 4000 will DOCTOR IT the rest will purchase something that works .
    I really appreciate all the hard work and information available on this web site and I will keep playing with my PRE so I can have some fun.
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