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    The reason Apple's iPhone is so popular could be partially due to the fact that people know when the phone is going to be released and what to expect, unlike android that brings out a new phone every month to make the last one obsolete and unlike palm that... well a very minorly updated phone isnt a true upgrade. Im just saying aside from the iPhone being a good phone the release dates are definitely a big point in the success because it flat out lets people know that their current phone wont be outdated in a month but also gives hope for the next generation. Maybe Palm and Google should take a note
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    Um, Android sales are outpacing the iphone sales.

    And thats not why the iphone does well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Workerb33 View Post
    look at his title... he was banned.
    Then how did he make this thread? he a ghost now?
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    apparently he made it before they banned him?
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