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  1.    #1 is projecting that 40 new phones will be released in the next 6 months. The listing is simplified into an xls spreadsheet in the zip attachment with 32 key facts about each including Dates, screen sizes, carriers, memory, GHz, etc.

    Note that these are expected and rumored specs but this site is amazingly accurate in their information. It is often based on the chip orders from OEM's and sometimes press releases.

    Android dominates expected new phone introductions with 20 out of 40 expected phones. Windows, led by Windows Mobile 7 is next with 11. Nokia still has a good presence with 6 phones. BlackBerry is expected to release 2 phones and Apple is expected to finally release the long-awaited Verizon iPhone 4.

    HTC, Samsung, Dell, and Nokia are expected to lead the way for manufacturers with at least 6 phones each. Archos, LG, and Motorola each should have at least 2 new offering in the next six months as well.

    We know that display sizes are on the rise and the road ahead keeps pointing towards bigger screens. Clock speeds seem to be continuing on a pace to double speeds every 18 months or shorter. We know that chip makers are sampling CPU's at 1.2, 15. and 2.0 GHz. Dual Cores and even Quad Cores are rumored.

    If you still like the feel of a real physical keyboard, you are in luck. 11 of these 40 up-comers are expected to have built-in keyboards.

    The driving feature in the market over the next year is expected to be HD and cameras. So we can expect higher resolution and nearly universal auto focus and digital zoom. Optical zoom is not expected on any of these models near-term. This is trend is driving carriers towards higher-bandwidth 4G and LTE networks. As many as 10 of these phones may be 4G or LTE enabled.

    The one thing we know for sure is that the next 6 months look to be a very exciting time.

    Summary of New Phone Models Expected Through March 2011

    By OS
    20 Android
    11 Windows
    6 Symbian/Nokia
    2 BlackBerry
    1 Apple iOS

    By Manufacturer
    8 HTC
    7 Samsung
    6 Dell
    6 Nokia
    3 Archos
    2 LG
    2 Motorola
    2 BlackBerry
    1 Apple iPhone (for Verizon 3/11)

    Average Screen Size

    Average CPU Clock Speed
    896 MHz

    Average Camera
    5.03 MP

    36 Autofocus - 4 Non-Autofocus

    36 Digital Zoom - 4 Non-Zoom

    12 Front and back cameras

    7 Slider Keyboard
    4 Non-moving Keyboard
    29 Virtual keyboard

    - Craig
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    No HP/Palm "Deuce" . . . can't wait until it makes the list !
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    how do i sort by carrier?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2sslow View Post
    how do i sort by carrier?
    Click compare all phones and then you can put it in a spreadsheet and do anything you want.
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    Maybe you should change the title now! lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by <name deleted by mod> View Post
    Lots of HTC PHONES on that list!

    They are quickly becoming the smartphone KING.
    They have been since ~2005 (not including Nokia). They've made the vast majority of WM phones, they built many of the Treos, and they build most models of Android. They've been cornering this market for quite a while - only RIM still competes with them on raw numbers.
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    Opening Post updated to include a spreadsheet with 32 variables for each phone and this summary:

    New Phone Models Expected Through March 2010.

    By Manufacturer

    By OS

    Average Screen Size

    Average CPU Clock Speed

    Average Camera
    Optical Zoom
    Front and back cameras


    - Craig
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    Note that we are on track for 80 new phones in the next 12 months.

    Many more will be announced at CES in January. I bet a new family of phones from HP might be announced then.

    - Craig

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