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    I don't know why, but I've been drawn to the Nokia N8 lately. Probably the big push Nokia has been making in the last month or so, with Nokia World and what not.

    It does look like a solid piece of hardware, and the software looks to be MUCH more solid than that of the N97/N97 mini.

    This guy takes a look at it, and from this and other videos on his site, it looks like they've taken great strides with the Symbian ^3 update.

    Nokia N8 Review: First Look | The Handheld Blog

    The only thing I would worry about would be the stop-gap nature of Symbian^3 - it just seems like a placeholder until MeeGo comes online. Problem is, no one knows when that will happen, or what's going on with Symbian^4 either. Seems like a gamble to actually fork over the money to buy one when you have no idea whether the device will be supported for more than 6 months.

    Anyway, despite all that, I'm still intrigued by it and wouldn't mind getting my hands on one when it finally ships, just to see what it's like.

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    Nope, not me..check it out > didn't like anything about it. Guess i"m just a palm pre guy.
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    Nokia definitely stepped it up. Now they need to get on some CDMA carriers here in the states and get the phone subsidized to compete.
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    Nope! I got what I think is the best fit for my Smartphone use. The Palm Pre Plus will be my phone of choice until my plan expires, then I will start looking at where I want to go next.
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    It looks nice and solid to me. Seems a bit slow. Would have loved to see the browser in action.

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