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    Right now its Fring to Fring which is mobile only. And Qik to Qik which is andriod only.

    Fring used to work with Skype but they had to remove it.
    Qik will work from phone to computer all you have to do is go to the qik website and the person with the phone gives you their code and then the person will the phone can broadcast to the computer... did this with a friend for a hour using a htc touch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brendu View Post
    milominderbinder: Your links send me to completely unrelated and old Precentral pages... I was excited for a minute at the thought of all the things you described with patches, now im sad.
    Sorry, the post is updated. Here are the right links.

    Getting Started with Android - Tips and Tricks

    Palm webOS Homebrewer's Guide to Android
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