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    No doubt about it, the iPad is changing the game in the mobile space. It is already having a measurable affect on low-end, portable computers. Now, we have a bit more insight into why.

    For the first time, people are able to buy something in the sub-notebook category that they actually enjoy using. It is no secret that netbook owners tend to be frustrated with many aspects of their computer, and would not buy another one. The iPad, on the other hand, rarely finds its way into the hand of people who do not love it, and who would not gladly buy another one.

    According to the latest ACSI survey, Apple did even better than ever before. This makes the 7th time running that they have topped the list. The iPad was the x-factor this year, and was identified as the likely reason for Apple numbers soaring even higher than in previous years.

    It is important to note that the purchasers of the iPad are not just rabid, frothing at the mouth, Apple fanatics. These are average people who see the commercials, go into the nearest Apple store or Best Buy for some hands-on time, and fall in love with the product.

    As HP prepares to take on the iPad with something similar, their words, they are hoping to "port" the customer satisfaction of Apple along with it's App Store's highest rated games. I think they have an uphill battle. It is not just a matter of technology, as some believe. It is a matter of overall user experience, excellent build-quality, and second to none customer support that round out the package. While techies make dream spec lists, HP had better be carving out a real consumer satisfaction experience.
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    Even better, their stock closed at 280+ today
  3. #3 doesn't support SD cards and Office, how can people be satisfied with that.
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    It's "magical and revolutionary".
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    You act as if the eStation Zeen isn't going to cut it.
    The Zeen makes the perfect opening act: There is no chance of it stealing the thunder from the main event. For a main event, HP had better be preparing the greatest show on earth.

    Just remember, the device is only half the battle. Android has fine devices, but a low customer satisfaction rating. HP has to crack that particular nut, as it is all about the number of people who would buy the second one, and influence their friends to get on board. That is where Apple competitors suffer the most. How is HP in customer satisfaction? That might be a reasonably good predictor of the future.

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