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    Silly that they rush to market with this half baked

    Android apps on the Galaxy Tab may be 'a little ugly' - Computerworld

    Computerworld - While all four major U.S. carriers will sell the Samsung Galaxy Tab running Froyo this fall, a Google executive already has said it won't work well with Android Market apps.

    An analyst today agreed that Android Market apps running on the Galaxy Tab's 7-inch screen with Android 2.2, also known as Froyo, won't look good. Since Froyo was intended to be used on smartphones with smaller 3-in. to 4-in. screens, images on a tablet running Froyo will appear stretched or out of focus, with jagged edges or pixilated, said analyst Rob Enderle of Enderle Group.

    "Apps aren't going to scale right and won't be quite as pretty" on the Galaxy Tab, Enderle said in an interview. "The apps are probably going to be a little ugly."
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    While some Android Market apps won't look good on the Galaxy, Enderle said the tablet will still be a suitable product for many users, especially for older customers who need larger images and text than that viewed on a smartphone. Many customers will not download many apps anyway, he noted. Users can also choose to render the apps on the Galaxy at partial screen size.
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    iPad has the same problem.
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    not really... There are iPad specific apps .... The problem is with devs updating their apps for the ipad... But since it's one device.. No biggie...

    but with android coming out w 42 diff tabs I see a bleaker picture
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    i think what Brain meant to say was that when the iPad first came out it had the same problem
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    I'm just saying, non ipad specific apps were ugly. Thats all i'm getting at.
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    However I believe Samsung had 100 some odd apps developers they worked with to have their apps look good on it.

    I'm sure whenever google gets aroudn to official tablet support you'll see it improve.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brain Mantis View Post
    iPad has the same problem.
    Not when there are 20,000+ iPad specific applications. As far as I'm aware, there are zero tablet size specific applications in the Android market.

    To be honest, I'm not quite sure why every manufacture and their mother is trying to push an Android tablet when it was obviously never intended for tablets. Why do you think Google is working on Chrome OS?
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    Quote Originally Posted by barkerja View Post
    To be honest, I'm not quite sure why every manufacture and their mother is trying to push an Android tablet when it was obviously never intended for tablets...
    Simple. The iPad is eating into low-end laptop sales already. Anyone in that space has to have a competitor, or watch their business erode.

    Also, it took three years before the industry was able to credibly respond to the iPhone. They are bound and determined to cut down their response time to the iPad.

    Companies would rather put out crapgadget, iPad wannabe products on off the shelf hardware, running an unprepared OS, just to get in the game, than to let Apple have a free hand in defining yet another market without challenge. They have no choice.

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