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    The epic is amazingly fast. I'll give it that. But over all the more I used it the more annoyed I got. For example, the phone has 512 megs of ram. Awesome. However, when I played with one at a sprint store and looked over its memory statistics of that 512 megs of ram only 60 was currently free and the machine was barely running any user applications. The rest of the memory was either lost to the void or wasted by all the bloatware that is constantly running on all android machines. It's little things like that that turn me off of android. On their own they can be over looked but there are a lot of little annoying aspects to android that when conbined make the os completely undesirable.
    Sorry, but i don't believe this at all. Even at the most extreme and i have more than 8 apps running (there's a Samsung widget that shows how many apps are running) i still have more than 150MB ram available. Besides every Pre (and Pixi) i've ever demoed or played with at a Sprint store was near unresponsive because the whole world was poking at it and there are lots of background processes still running. What i usually do when attempting to play with demoes is to restart the phone and start there.

    To each his own. The Epic and by extension Android works for me way more than the Pre ever can.
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    Hell i'm happy i can play my music while playing a game or taking a picture.

    Something impossible to do on a pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by taharka View Post
    As for the memory void, the way Android manages memory is different from webOS in many ways. One such way is that Android handels when an app is removed from memory based on the needs of the system. The memory is certainly not lost to the void. When additional memory is required, it is reclaimed from lower priority apps. So when you see only 60MB available, it does not mean you cannot launch an app that required more memory.
    Which is not just an Android thing; all modern operating systems work this way. It's far better to use free memory to cache applications than to just leave it there unused.
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