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    Technolog - Google's Android to zoom past Blackberry, iPhone

    Google's Android to zoom past Blackberry, iPhone

    Google's week just keeps on getting better.
    Not only has it set the blogosphere buzzing with its post-Labor Day Google Doodle Mystery and the Wednesday news event announcing Google Instant, but now tech research company Gartner reports that Google's Android will be in striking distance of Nokia's Symbian system for world champion in mobile operating systems, leaping past Research in Motion's Blackberry and Apple's iPhone iOS.
    Gartner predicts that Android and Symbian together will account for nearly 60 percent of mobile OS used by consumers by 2014. (Symbian's 2010 expected market share is 40.1 percent.) Gartner had earlier foreseen the rise of Android to second place would take another two years.
    Silicon Alley Insider expressed surprise about the speed of Android's ascension.
    "It's been clear that this was coming for some time now earlier this year it was reported that Android was now second to Symbian in new handset activation. Still, it's surprising to see Google catch up in overall install base so quickly, considering the headstart of its competitors."
    Android has rocketed to an expected 17.7 percent share of the market in 2010, up from a mere 3.9 percent last year according to Gartner's research. That puts the system just barely above Blackberry's 17.5 percent. Apple's iOS increased only slightly from 14.5 percent in 2009 to 15.4 percent this year.
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    These types of stories are a bit hard to follow for anyone keeping score at home. You never know what the numbers represent from one sentence to the next. Are these worldwide numbers, or US only, where Android is strong? Do these count all low-end phones with some form of Android running on them, or just high-end phones? Are these numbers limited to phones, or do they include everything with Android on it, regardless of the form factor?

    For comparison, are they counting just iPhones, or all iOS devices? Some reports toss out the iPt and iPad numbers while counting all Android devices. It is hard to say what is being measured, not to mention what it all means.
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    Android army is rapidly gaining strength...i'm glad I have both OSes.

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