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    So I went out to do my 50 mile bike ride this morning. All was going well, despite being stung by a bee. Anyway, around mile 18 my pedal came off and was dangling from my clips. Naturally, I didn't have the right tools with me because my little multi-tool set is not exactly designed to repair pedals.

    Any way, I managed to MacGyver it back into place (no duct tape was used or harmed in this process), but it wasn't secure enough to continue my ride. So I whipped out my HTC EVO and used Sprint Navigation to locate my self and send my current location to my wife. She whipped out her Palm Pre and used Sprint Navigation to receive my location and navigate to my rescue.

    Had she still been using her feature phone, it would have been an interesting 18 miles back home. Anyway, the bike is fixed and I'm ready for my revenge.

    So there you have it. Palm Pre and HTC EVO...Ebony and Ivory?
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    Nice little story I also have an Evo and a Pre with the Evo being my main device.
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    Nice man. Sprint is heavy hitting with these phones right now. Even though snapdragon is "old" my Evo still flys when next to these technically more powerful phones.

    I think Snapdragon and android OS itself work very very well together.

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