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    I've been a Handspring user for the past few years (Deleuxe and Edge). I've used VC often to buy used items for my visors with great success.

    I've recently bought my 14 year old nephew a Palm M105 for high school (sorry handspring, I couldn't beat the price). We're now looking for a few accessories to go with it. Does anyone know a website that has used Palm equiptment ala VC's Marketplace for Visors? I know Ebay is a good place to start, but at times you pay as much as retail for items there.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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  2. #2,,, and almost all other discussion/review sites offer marketplaces as well. They are not usually as focused or active as this one is, though. and sell used stuff- the selection obviously varies, but the values are usually pretty good- nto as good as marketplaces, usually, but usually less than ebay.
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    palminfocenter has marketed their palm foroum as a marketpalce a lto recently.
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