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    I've been hearing that BB Torch theme song all night long and now its in my head, they definitely got the tune down, I even put it on my pre for my ringtone... I hope this is the right forum
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    At least share the name so we can find it too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by squeezy View Post
    At least share the name so we can find it too!
    I dont think it actually had the name with it, but the website was and just type in blackberry torch
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    Sounds like someone banging on a Casio keyboard circa 1985.
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    Sounds like Moby wrote it....
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    The music was the only thing I liked about that ad. haha
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    I remember a ringtone i really liked on that phone. I wish i remember what it was called
    I woke up to it every morning while i had the phone.
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    I thought it sounded like Moby too, but it turns our it's a remix of Laura by the Scissor Sisters...
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    Someone post it here...
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    BlackBerry - Torch - 9800 Commercial Song

    You can listen to the ads/songs via the pre.
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    Thanks Mamouton. (no mobile thanks button)

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