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    I got the Samsung Epic last week and I have no regrets. It's a great phone with awesome hardware. I wasn't a huge fan of Android (and I'm not saying it's superior to WebOS), but it's not really all that bad and Samsung's TouchWiz makes it somewhat easy to navigate and semi-tolerable. The battery life is decent for a smartphone (much better than my Pre before I got an extended battery), the screen is amazing, the hardware super fast, I have a better selection of apps (though Android Market is disorganized) and at the moment, it is a better phone than the Pre. Not to mention, the Epic has features that I need on a phone now - like Google Voice integration for free calls to Canada and an MS Word/Excel document editor.

    Basically, I didn't want to wait for a new phone by Palm especially since all we're hearing is rumors and there's no guarantee that it would come out for Sprint (or even Verizon, for that matter), especially during the time frame that has been rumored. I really love WebOS, but the Epic is a great phone and I am happy with it.

    As for you and the Facinate, I'm sure it's pretty similar to the Epic sans the physical keyboard and a front-facing camera. If you choose to go with it, it won't be a bad choice at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iTz Nicholas72 View Post
    That is why you should wait and get a phone that has either WebOS 2.0 or Android 3.0.

    Rumor is that Gingerbread is going to be the end of Android fragmentation...
    How so?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gmanvbva View Post
    How so?
    Because, supposedly, it will make major segments of the OS - along with new apps - downloadable in the Market. We'll see. The jacked-up carrier situation in America can thwart even a streamlined one manufacturer/one OS situation like Palm from getting out timely and evenly-spread updates, so I think the situation will always be worse with Android.
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