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    I have been a loyal Palm user since day one...of Palm, not just the Pre.

    Here are my observations for those considering dropping WebOS.

    WebOS plus:
    There simply isn't a better user interface.
    Examples of this are:
    • Gestures
    • Integration of all apps (Flixster adds stuff to your calendar, etc)
    • Ease of use

    Android plus:
    Without rooting or patching, it is much more capable out of the box with more functionality.

    Device to device comparison:
    Epic has much better screen, sound quality, form, and the hardware is top notch from autofocus camera, to the feel of the device.

    Pre has always been lacking in the hardware field IMO.

    I thought I would love the horizontal keyboard. I don't. I rarely use it at all. As awkward as it is to say, it's too big. I do thoroughly enjoy, and have gotten quite good at Swyping though. I would much prefer a vertical slider on a platform the size of the Epic.

    Speed. The Epic is seamless in opening apps, moving from one page to another, etc. It is hands down visibly quicker in every regard. Living in Portland, the 4G is also a must. Wow is it quick.

    I know it isn't going to happen anytime soon, but if HPalm announces a new phone, I will give the Epic to my son and get the new Pre. I absolutely and completely miss the WebOS platform, I just don't miss what the Pre couldn't do (even with patching).

    I haven't yet explored Android's version of patches, so maybe that will change things for the better with the Epic, but I doubt it. I will absolutely return to WebOS if they ever get around to doing something about it.
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