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    With the success of the E-Ink screen in made-for-purpose readers like the Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader and iRex Iliad I'm intrigued to see where we'll be seeing E-Ink pop up next.

    Obvious candidates are wrist-watches, alarm clocks and such, but I'm quite excited about the possibility of phone manufacturers using E-Ink in their smartphones or feature phones.

    - An e-book reader in your pocket.
    - A display that you can actually see better outside than inside (no more squinting at your email in the sunlight).
    - Significantly increased battery life
    - Touch capable

    - Not colour (yet)
    - Video would be painful due to refresh rate
    - Most games would be painful due to refresh rate

    E-Ink is a young technology and it has its limitations for sure - as such I don't think that webOS would be a good candidate for it. But I would very much like to see some feature phones or an OS designed from the ground up for E-Ink's quirks.

    (If nothing else, I'd love for someone to release an e-book reader that was genuinely pocket-sized, I'd much rather read my books on a Pre-sized device than a Kindle sized device - but that's another story.)

    Any thoughts?
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    I rather see one with a pixel qi like display

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