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I am SURE that Apple is looking at this.

If I would dig around looking for a thread that I wrote when HP was first announced they bid on Palm, I predicted this for HP win/Palm joint computer.....

.....I am sure it was one of the reasons why they bought Palm. HP's reviews for touch screen LCD win 7 computers has been very disappointing. The disappointment, was in the lack of accuracy with the LCD touch screen.

I would not at all be surprised to see a Win 7/webOS hybrid as HP exploits the joining of both technologies.

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Apple Patent Points To Possible Crossover iMac-iPad Technology
By Joseph F. Kovar, CRN 8:16 PM EST Tue. Aug. 24, 2010


An international patent filed by Apple points to the possibility of Apple developing a touch-screen iMac that could combine the features of the original iMac with the touch capabilities that has made the company's iPod Touch and iPad famous.
Patently Apple, a Website specializing in finding and analyzing Apple patents on Monday said that Apple applied for a patent that would allow the iMac to switch between a hi-resolution mouse input mode and a low-resolution touch-screen mode.

The result, according to Patently Apple, could be the ability to move between Apple's OS X operating system, used in its iMac desktop computers, and the iOS operating systems used in its iPad mobile devices.

In the patent, filed internationally on July 9, 2009, Apple said it invented the ability to transition between touch-based input and mouse/keyboard-based input by using an accelerometer in a touch screen display to sense a change in its orientation.

As the user switches between a horizontal or vertical display position, items outside the display are of the screen can slide or be pushed off the screen and be retrieved when the original orientation is restored.

For instance, apple wrote in the application, for mouse and keypad work, the user may want the display to be relatively far away and in an upright position. However, for touch-screen use, the user may want the screen to be closer and lay flat.

"For example, to enter touch input the user might want to pull the screen closer and push the display screen down flat, as if the screen is a book the user is reading," Apple wrote in the patent application.

A host computer connected to such a display could also sense the change and perform any number of actions as a result, Apple wrote.

Such actions include "logging onto a computer or a computer network, permitting authorized individuals access to restricted areas of the computer or computer network, loading a user profile associated with a user's preferred arrangement of the computer desktop, (or) launching a particular program," Apple wrote.

Patently Apple said the result of such technology would be the ability to transition from OS X to iOS.

"Imagine having an iMac on your desktop one minute and a gigantic iPad the next. Imagine playing iGames on this dream machine - Wow! Imagine reading a double-page book on this - Unbelievable!" Patently Apple wrote.