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    I've had my Palm Pre since it came out on Sprint back in June 2009. Unfortunately it's starting to suffer some electrical problems and I'm considering just changing to the EVO. What I'm curious to know is has anyone in here tried going to the EVO and changed back to the Pre?

    If so, what about the EVO didn't you like?

    I'm a huge fan of WebOS and the thought of leaving it sucks, but it's either replace the one I've got (which isn't under warranty anymore and I'd likely have to pay insurance to get the replacement) or just get a new device.

    Anyway, any thoughts we appreciated.

    Al Harkin
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    look in the cross platform forum. Several threads from people that have come back from evo. Looks like new webos phones are coming soon, so hang in there.
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    I think I might have called out the wrong forum. Here is a thread for you:
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    here is another thread with lots of opinions:
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    If you have insurance they will replace it free if it just has normal wear and tear. I'd check with Sprint. If you like webOS I would try to hold out a little while, great things appear to be coming shortly.
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    I have an Evo while I think its an awesome device you might want to look at the Epic on the 31st due to shortages of Evos everywhere. They are very hard to find due to certain chip shortages hitting the smartphones...other then that go for it if you can find have 30 days to try it.

    Smartphone Makers Struggle With Chip Shortage - Technology News - redOrbit
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    If you must get a new phone and are considering going evo, for fifty bucks more the epic4G is worth a good look. Nothing about the evo is superior to the epic except the price tag.

    I'll be taking a good look at this phone myself, if palm has nothing to say by november. Even though it's the same basic size as the evo, I don't think I really have a choice of finding a powerful phone in a small package.(pre-like) I know this does nothing to answer your question, but haste makes waste.....good luck!
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