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    Here's an interesting issue to debate and ponder!

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    Should RIM switch to Android?
    By Garett Rogers | August 21, 2010, 12:25am PDT

    Should RIM switch to Android? | ZDNet

    SFGate thinks that RIM should give up on their operating system, and put all their chips on Android going forward. There are some compelling reasons given for such a drastic move, but doing this would almost certainly result in disaster.

    First, if RIM decided to do this, it would put their own efforts on Blackberry OS another year behind the competition if everything didnít go to plan. Second, a Blackberry isnít a Blackberry without the operating system ó users who swear by the device would be confused, and even upset if they decided to switch everything up.

    Iím not saying RIM is on the verge of turning the ship around, but newer versions of their operating system are better than the old, and things are moving in the right direction (slow, however). It may be a lost cause, but theyíve got to fight this one to the death.

    Put yourself in the CEOís chair at RIM. What would you do to turn things around?
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    I think switching to Android would be a very dumb idea. They have a much larger market than any Android phone vendor.
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    No way should they go to Android. Their company is their OS. Abandon BBOS and they become a hardware vendor. Then they have to compete with companies like HTC.

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