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    This thread is for posts comparing the AT&T Captivate to the Palm Pre

    Samsung Captivate and Palm Pre

    Overal Size: The Captivate is smaller at 2.50" x 4.17" x 0.39" = 4.1 cubic inches vs. Pre 2.3 x 4 x 0.7 = 6.4 cubic inches (closed)
    Screen Size: 4.0" vs. 3.1"
    Resolution: 480 x 800 HD is double the 320 x 480
    Speed: 1 GHz processor vs 600 MHz (Pre2 is 1 GHz)
    Camera Resolution: 8 MP vs 3 MP (5MP Pre 2)
    Autofocus: Yes vs. No for Pre, Pre Plus or Pre 2
    Digital Zoom: 3x vs. none
    Voice Dialing: Yes vs. No• HD Output: 720p HD wireless
    Storage: 16GB microSD card, supports up to 32GB vs. no micro SD
    Keyboard: Onscreen, For a slide-out keyboard see the Epic or Droid 2
    • The Captivate has nothing like the Palm Touchstone

    Basic Android features
    • Many webOS patches are already built into Android or are apps.
    • Speech to Text - say a message or email instead of typing it.
    • Widgets let you customize your home screen
    • Voice Search is much like like universal search but by voice

    Android's open API's allows for apps not in webOS
    • A variety of Android music players instead of one in webOS
    • Android mic access allows speech and sound recognition in apps like:
    - - Shazam can use an Android mic to listen to a song & tell you what it is
    - - Voice Actions can do things like "send text to Jeff Miller See you at 10"
    - - Talk to Me hears your spoken words and says it in other languages.
    - - gStrings can tune your guitar, base, violin, etc.
    • Android developers can access the camera for apps like:
    - - Camera 360 - Camera Magic - Camera Pro (4x zoom) - Camera ZOOM FX - Vignette
    - - Layar can use the an Android camera to look beyond walls
    - - Barcode Scanner can use the camera to read barcodes
    • Other apps available now in Android
    - - Swype - type by sliding a finger around. Sets Guinness Record - More.
    - - Amazon Nook & Barnes and Noble Kindle eReaders (900,000 free books)
    - - Flash Beta 3 - Yes, it is real.
    • There are 100,000 Android apps...

    If you want a physical keyboard, consider the Epic or Droid 2.

    Palm Pre/Pre 2 Comparisons:
    - 4.3" HTC EVO - 4.3" Droid X - 4" Captivate - iPhone 4
    - w/Keyboards: 3.7" Droid 2 - 4" Samsung Epic

    For more information see:
    - Samsung Captivate review
    - Samsung Captivate on AT&T
    - Captivate, Epic, Pre 2, and Pre Comparison Chart
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    New Palm Pre Comparison threads have been added. Here are the most recent:

    - 4.3" HTC EVO - 4.3" Droid X - 4" Captivate
    - w/Keyboards: 3.7" Droid 2 - 4" Samsung Epic
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    This is one that struck closest to me, because until I got my pre+ just recently, the Capitvate (Galaxy) was the phone I'd been wanting.

    Honestly, at the time it came down more to the difference in price at the moment. I needed a phone and couldn't justify spending $200 at the time (and yes I know that's minimal compared to the life of the contract, but still). My phone died and I needed something then.

    Honestly, if not for the circumstance, I probably would have never picked up the pre, and only then it was almost by accident looking at alternative in a radio shack. I did a quick read up on it and was intrigued, then decided to try it out given the 30 day return policy and was hooked (for the record, not 30 days yet, but not planning on going back).

    If you look at the specs sheet of the hardware on paper, its no comparison. The only thing the pre has going for it at all is webos. Your average person isn't going to have a clue why that matters. None of the store vendors were pushing it at all, and indeed shortly thereafter all the radio shacks who didn't have them started saying that it was a dead platform, all recalled, no one making them, etc etc.

    On a side note I'd say anyone considering android on AT&T has pretty much no other informed choice as long as the size isn't a killer (and it might be for some). The Aria is.. okay I guess, the Backflip is a joke. Even the Captivate they couldn't release in 2.2, for the sake of HTC's UI customizations i guess.

    FWIW I didn't see any physical micro hdmi out port on the captivate.

    One of the things that held me off when I almost got it, budget be damned was that I knew I was staying w/ AT&T I (I have four phones on my plan for family) and it irked me that the Verizon version seemed to be getting a much better deal ($50 less, plus throwing in more stuff).

    I think I'm through spending for top of the line smartphones when they come out. Did that 3 times in the past 5-6 years already. Which means pre2 or whatever probably not gonna get it until its discounted some years from now. I know the pre (or pre+) price point wasn't supposed to be down where its at now by design, but I don't care, think its a great value at its current price.
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    I've played with this phone quite a bit myself because i wanted to get a feel of the UI incase i wanted an Epic and I was pretty impressed. The UI isn't all that great and borderline "cartoony" and the screen while eye woefully inaccurate with pictures. But that prob. won't matter much since its a phone and not some device you are doing photoshop on.

    But yeah, otherwise, nice feeling phone..and Swype was pretty awesome.
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    In two months, there had only been 3 replies to this thread so it is no longer a sticky...

    The comparison in the opening post has been expanded to include the Pre 2.

    The Pre 2 adds these features to the Pre:
    • Clock Speed: 1GHz (Note: Many overclock the Pre and Pre Plus to 1.2 GHz)
    • Memory: 16 GB (Same as the Pre Plus)
    • Screen: Glass
    • Camera Resolution: 5 MP

    The Pre 2 does not change these features:
    • Display: 3.1"
    • Resolution: 320 x 480
    • microSD Card: none
    • Video Chat: none
    • Front camera: none
    • Camera Autofocus: none
    • Camera Zoom: none
    • 4G or LTE compatibility: none
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