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    Multifl0w is a pretty slick way to switch tasks on the iPhone (any) or iPad. Another fine product from the Jailbreaking community.
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    actually... i like how it works... no stupid icons at the bottom (the way iOS does it), but i saw a coverflow concept a number of months back that also looked pretty sweet...

    anyway, i still love my webos..
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    Cue the automatic "It's not as elegant as webOS" responses.
    LOL - no doubt. Not to mention the "Anyway, I still love my (fill_in_device_you_always_defend_no_matter_what).." caveats.

    I just tried it out on my iPad - it is a nice intuitive and integrated feeling to it. Ironically, if you have 21 (or more) programs running in the background (for some crazy reason!), it looks like the normal launcher screen.
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    its not as elegant as webOS, but I like it more than webOS cards since I get to see 4-6 cards at once.

    the palm pad will have the cards in a similar way.

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