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    Hi all,

    We will soon be awash in tablet computers!

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    Best Buy to Sell Tablets This Year–Yep, That’s Plural!
    By Harry McCracken | Posted at 9:37 pm on Friday, August 20, 2010

    Best Buy to Sell Tablets This Year–Yep, That’s Plural!

    Forbes’ Elizabeth Woyke reports that Best Buy intends to have a variety of tablets in stock by the holidays–which means that it shouldn’t be too long until the iPad isn’t the only iPad-like device sold by the nation’s largest electronics retailer. I’m dying to know which models it expects to be available this year. Shawn Score, the Best Buy exec quoted in the story, isn’t naming names, but says there will be a “great selection.”

    (Oddly enough, he also says “it won’t be 32″–which is precisely the number I rounded up last week.)
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    Yep - HP is "all-in" for WebOS ... except for the Windows and Android tablets. Simply put, HP is going to put out all three versions to see 'what sticks' - which means WebOS is going to have to compete within its own company for a piece of the pie.

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