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    I have a Palm Pre Plus (AT&T) while the wife has an iPhone 3G. I've found one game so far that we can play locally via Wifi!

    We were really hoping for Scrabble (by Electronic Arts) to work, but the webOS version doesn't offer Multiplayer (yet!) It was one game that worked well with all the PalmOS devices we used to have in the rooms at family gatherings.

    UNO by Gameloft does work perfectly with both our phones!

    Anyone know of some other games (preferably word or board games) that work cross-platform with iPhone?

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    Not sure if it's available for the Pre or not but possibly Words with Friends. Probably one of the most popular games for the iPhone available.
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    I play nova and uno with my iphone friend over wifi all the time.
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    Not sure about Battleship. We play it over wifi with our Pre's. I assumed it worked accross phone types.

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