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    With Find My iPhone, you have to download an app, be signed up for the Mobile Me service, and enable the feature on the phone. Apple is not reaching into the phone to do it for you. They simply make it available. Google, on the other hand, has actually reached in and removed apps from Android phones. You are worried about the wrong big brother.
    I'm confused. How can you spin Google removing malicious Apps (actually only one) from the market/phone as a bad thing?

    EDIT: It seems hypocritical because you are defending Apple's use of "security features" that could be used for both "good" and "bad" reasons but seem to be implying that the same would not apply in Google's case.

    Both are excellent features to have available for security reasons... But both also open the door for "other" types of mischief.
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    Back in the day when I ran Windows, I wish there were a few times Microsoft could have yanked a few malicious applications from my computer, would have saved a lot of headache!
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