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    Now we have mystery products from Palm & Apple!

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    What could Apple’s 'unknown hardware' be?
    Fri Aug 20, 3:46 pm ET

    Print Story: What could Apple’s 'unknown hardware' be? - Yahoo! News

    A new beta of Apple’s iOS mobile software reportedly boasts references to a fourth-generation iPod Touch and maybe even a new iPad — not much of a surprise there. It’s the mention of some "unknown hardware" in the iOS beta code that’s raising eyebrows. Are we talking a new Apple TV, perhaps, or something new we haven’t seen yet?

    The references to new Apple devices come from the latest beta of iOS 4.1, which is due for release in the "coming weeks," according to AppleInsider and its anonymous tipsters.

    The USB configuration files of the new beta supposedly include a line of code with the text "iPod 4,1," which probably refers to a revamped, fourth-generation iPod Touch, says AppleInsider — not merely a revision of the third-generation Touch, which was earlier identified in the iOS firmware as "iPod 3,2."

    In other words, we might be in for a true revamp of the Touch next month, especially given that Apple usually holds its music-focused events in September. The smart money has Apple adding such features as a front- and rear-facing cameras, FaceTime video chat, its speedy A4 processor, and the iPhone 4’s "Retina Display" to the Touch, which — in its current form, anyway — still lacks a camera of any sort.

    Also found in the new iOS USB configuration files, according to AppleInsider: a mention of "iProd 2,1," with "all indications" being that it’s a reference to a "material update" to the iPad — which had, after all, previously been referred to as "iProd 1,1" in the iOS code. Again, not a huge surprise, since Apple is surely far along in the development of a second-generation iPad (perhaps with a camera, this time).

    Most intriguingly, though, is a third mysterious product reference in the latest iOS beta: "unknownHardware." Hmmm ... what’s this?

    Well, given all the speculation that Apple might be poised to unveil a new, pared-down $99 Apple TV that runs on its own version of iOS, we could well be looking at a reference to an updated Apple TV — or "iTV," as Engadget claims it’ll end up being called.

    But that’s "purely speculation," as AppleInsider prudently notes. Perhaps Apple has something else up its sleeves instead, like a smaller, 7-inch iPad, or even a tiny touchscreen iPod Nano. (Then again, could you imagine dealing with apps on a 1.7-inch screen? Ugh.)

    Anyway, "unknown hardware" aside, it’s looking more and more likely that we’ll get a full-on revamp of the iPod Touch in the coming weeks — excellent news for anyone enticed by the new features on the iPhone 4 but spooked by all the "Antennagate" drama (or unwilling to sign up for two years with AT&T). Meanwhile, a cheaper, app-friendly Apple TV — or iTV — could be just the thing to jump-start Apple's stalled living-room "hobby."

    So, what do you think Apple’s "unknown hardware" is?

    AppleInsider: Apple testing iOS 4.1 alongside next-gen iPod touch, iPad and 'unknown' product

    — Ben Patterson is a technology writer for Yahoo! News.
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    an attempt to steal the spotlight from other companies bringing out products by creating mystery around the updated iPods every one expects soon.

    only apple can pull stuff like this.

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