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    ok so i got the evo..ive had my pre since launch and have stayed on top of things with it .....i love my pre but imma give this evo back in 30 days..LOL im still tryin to flick stuff away on this dam evo...but its jus something new to mess with

    Lol sounds like me with my iPad... flick flick.. what the hell? Nothing is working!! Ohhhh the button.. boooooo.
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    Ok I've decided this evo gotta go.....this dam Bluetooth issue of clipping in and out is annoying plus its answering calls by it self no phone ringing or nothing jus picks up and people saying hello.....pre never did this and no one on HTC side are addressing the issue I'm done plus evo has no privacy settings for sms messages this phone sucks...pre daddys coming back
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