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    I wanted to get away from Verizon in spite of their superior calling area, and got a HTC Hero. I have to say, I think I might be liking it better than the pre. The virtual keyboard is taking a little getting used to, but over all, I am liking this new phone a lot, and I loved the Pre.

    For me it's the features.... the Pre was a step backwards in many ways from the Treo, sure there were NEW things, but things like setting alerts more than an hour or a day out, and customizing some of the calendar features, was really a drag with the Pre. Hero was all set for me.....

    I've only had it for 3 days though.... so we'll see how I feel after the thrill is gone.
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    Is that right. The HTC Hero is better than the pre. You really believe that?
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    Hi Peterdubya,

    Glad you like your new phone And no hard feelings. I would be interested to hear if you still prefer the Hero after a week or so - can you report back and let us know your thoughts later?
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    Why didn't you get an Evo? The Hero, really????
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    Seriously? as Achill3s said, a Hero, not an EVO? I mean if you are gonna jump ship from really the best most innovative cell phone OS ever, and go to a droid format, WHY on earth would you go for the Hero? My son has one, well has had FOUR! Talk about hardware issues, He has had NOTHING but.

    But, hey all the best with your new Non Web Os phone..

    I'll stick with Pre and WebOs
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    Cool, report back after a few days.
    Let's face it, there are far more dumb and redundant threads/posts on this forum.

    EDIT: and UNFORTUNATELY those don' get moved.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Achill3s View Post
    Why didn't you get an Evo? The Hero, really????
    Agreed, I can understand that being this late in the webos game going down to the earlier version would be tough, but I agree with the above quote, If your moving to a company with one of the best phones (not my opinion, just ratings) But it would be good if you reported back
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    Interesting. A friend of mine did the same thing a while back and loves her Hero. She was also a Treo user before the Pre. So there is a good chance you'll like the Hero despite it not being the latest and greatest. I'm sure you have your reasons for not getting an EVO. Mind sharing?
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    Well i can honestly say I tested the Hero for 2 weeks.....Not happening for me imop it was clunky,slow,keyboard was well not a keyboard. my biggest gripe was the overall tap here tap there to bring up basic navigation/menus. palms gesture control and notifications rock!! Hero did web pages rather well and had a great password manager built in.

    I sent it back to corporate and told them ill keep the Pre a while longer.

    Hope ya like the Hero but in this day and ageu can swap back to a Pre online in 5mins
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    Ok got the hero then go to android forum and talk about it there... we don't need another 1000000th thread I got hero/evo or other phone and I threw away my pre
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    He didn't get the Evo because even if he wanted to he would be unable to find one...they are sold out or out of stock everywhere. Sorry but there are lots of us including the editors here on this site that own multiple platforms including myself with the Evo...if you don't want to read another I got rid of my crapPre story feel free not to read.
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    The Hero? Really? Not the Droid X, iPhone 4, or the Evo...but the hero? as you shall but umm I don't think many people are jumping ship to the Hero, lol.

    You know what I would love to see someone try to do? Put the multitasking and notifications system of WebOS on a Droid phone.

    I'm sorry, but did you consider researching the phone before you went in bought it? Cuz that's what I do, but maybe that's just me.

    The Hero???
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    to the OP; I am sorry for your loss, please accept my condolences.
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    My Pre Does EXACTLY What I Need It To Do, And Thats Why I Have A webOS Relationship.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Achill3s View Post
    Why didn't you get an Evo? The Hero, really????
    I was caught off guard when I saw this thread...I began to doesn't even seem sane...logical...why would anybody "downgrade" their device?...Is the hero even running 2.1?...will it ever run 2.2 (no)?...if your going to leave what I believe is the best OS...then wouldn't you atleast go with a device where you atleast upgraded your hardware?...I am blown away...can you say "Baker Act?...
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    Why do people come to the cross-platform chat and complain about posts to cross platforms?
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    Quote Originally Posted by taharka View Post
    Why do people come to the cross-platform chat and complain about posts to cross platforms?
    And then there is this I am going to complain about this post complaining about people complaining...(just joking)
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    WOW, well, no where did I say it was better than the Pre, but I said I liked it..... still do.

    I went to a different phone company with a very limited selection of phones.... you can't use anyphone on the system, unless it's one of the very few that they offer. SO, I picked the Hero, and was pretty worried that I'd hate it. I've been a dedicated Palm user since my Treo 600, had a Blackberry for a short while, hated it, and got the Verizon pre the first week they were out.

    I was thrilled with the Pre when I first got it, and still loved it when I made this change. I do think that Palm made some pretty basic mistakes with the Pre, but I'm sure that there will be some on the Hero too.... Just the name, the Hero.... don't like that much...

    But in terms of functionality and intuitveness, the Hero seems okay, so far......
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    Quote Originally Posted by rush View Post
    Is that right. The HTC Hero is better than the pre. You really believe that?
    With Android 2.1... Yes. I've had both. It was close with 1.X... but after 2.1 I would have to give the edge to the Hero.

    EDIT: Hell just the standby battery life is a significant upgrade.
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