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    Quote Originally Posted by ahitz View Post
    Yeah, but that horse has been beaten to death and you're comparing new hardware and a new version of an OS to hardware and an OS version that is quite old. When the next webOS phone comes out you can have an interesting debate and comparison.
    iPhone 3GS on iOS 4.0.2 release dates: Hardware (June 19, 2009), Software (Aug 11, 2010)

    Palm Pre on WebOS 1.4.5 release dates: Hardware (June 6, 2009), Software on Bell Mobility (July 15, 2010)

    It's not new hardware or software compared to old hardware and old software. It's the same age for both software and hardware release (approximately). The iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre are direct competitors (unlike the iPhone 4 vs. the Palm Pre, but that's not what I was talking about)

    Quote Originally Posted by Brain Mantis View Post
    Any network?
    OK any GSM network. I didn't realize that in the US there were only two GSM networks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbdoneit View Post
    This is actually incorrect, as long as you have the coil over any battery and the contacts hit the pins on the phone , youre good as gold
    That's why I added "for most" twice.

    And I'm not sure what solution you are implying?

    1. Holding a standard touchstone battery cover over a extended battery (while taking the extended cover off). With an extended battery those contacts are not going to make contact without modification.


    2. Modding the extended battery cover to be Touchstone compatible. For example, taking the coil and contacts from a touchstone compatible cover and installing them on the extended battery cover.

    Again, most people are not going to attempt this. You seem to imply it is a very simple solution.
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