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    Chrome OS Tablet PC: Google Wants Its iPad Killer in Stores by Black Friday
    By DAWN KAWAMOTO, Posted 12:46 PM 08/18/10

    Google Chrome Tablet PC: iPad Killer Scheduled to Launch on Black Friday - DailyFinance

    Google reportedly is in the midst of developing its own tablet computer and aims to launch its iPad killer on the busiest shopping day of the year -- Black Friday -- according to a report at the website Download Squad.

    Google (GOOG) is turning to its previous partners to create the new device, with former handset maker HTC (HTCXF) dishing up the hardware and Android-phone carrier Verizon (VZ) providing the network connection, according to the report. But Google will be using its Chrome OS -- not Android -- as the operating system for the device.

    The report notes that Google's tablet is expected to be heavily subsidized, a move that could pose a serious problem for Apple's (AAPL) high-flying iPad with its $499 price tag. If Apple should begin to feel the pain of competition, consumers may stand to benefit with -- cha-ching -- an iPad price drop following the Nov. 26 Chrome tablet launch.
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    Unless Google makes the core tablet experience as nice as Apple's, this won't sway many people seeing as its a niche market still.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brain Mantis View Post
    Unless Google makes the core tablet experience as nice as Apple's, this won't sway many people seeing as its a niche market still.
    I don't know enough about Chrome to fathom what could possibly justify forking Google's App market.

    It was my understanding that originally Chrome ostensibly was planned to be more focused on a web centric, browser based experience. It was mainly directed toward the netbook audience.

    But Android on the surface seems perfectly adaptable for tablets -- and there are existing plans from several OEMs to produce them using Android.

    What baffles me is if Chrome is so significantly different from Android that developers need to create 2 distinct Apps for each ecosystem, I wonder how they expect Chrome to find enough users to make it worthwhile for developers. This paucity of Apps will inevitably also retarrd adoption of the platform.

    Its an odd decision if true. It would also demonstrate that Google did not learn from the obvious value that Apple got by leveraging its iPhone ecosystem to a new but fraternal iPad platform.

    If true its a choice I would have much more associated with M$, than Google.
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    The more I think about it the crazier it seems.

    It looks like I am not alone in being befuddled by Google allowing two of their OSes to compete for the same target market:

    Rumored Google Tablet Raises Chrome vs. Android Question

    Jeff Bertolucci, PC World
    Aug 18, 2010

    ...Google will supply the OS (Chrome), HTC will build the device... What's interesting here is that several Android-based tablets will allegedly arrive around the same time, including devices from Samsung, Motorola, and possibly even Sony. ...

    Assuming all of these tablets do ship, what will consumers make of the Chrome vs. Android issue? Both are Google-branded mobile operating systems. Your tablet of choice may run one or the other. The potential for end-user befuddlement is quite high. ...

    Sadly, Google's dual-OS strategy for the mobile market is a mess--although I'm sure it once looked great on a flowchart at Google HQ. Last summer, Google's vice president of mobile engineering platforms Andy Rubin stated that Chrome and Android will have distinct jobs, and that the two OSes won't overlap in the consumer market. Here's an excerpt from July 2009 news report by IDG News' Stephen Lawson:

    "Google's emerging Chrome operating system won't squeeze out Android, according to [Rubin]...Mobile device OSes have specialized jobs that other platforms don't, such as running network protocol stacks, carefully managing battery life and handling handoffs among cell towers, Rubin said. 'There's different problems to be solved in different categories of consumer products...But that doesn't mean that ... one wins and one doesn't win. You need different technologies for different solutions.'"

    From a design standpoint, Google's distinction between the two mobile OSes may make perfect sense--well, to engineers, anyway. But the finer points will be lost on consumers who simply see two types of Google tablets--Chrome and Android--running on similar devices. ...

    ...Compare Google's mess with the beautiful simplicity of the iPad: No OS overlap there. Apple gets it: Keep it simple, stupid.

    Rumored Google Tablet Raises Chrome vs. Android Question - PCWorld
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