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    Verizon Looking at Taking TV Shows to the iPad
    By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS,August 18, 2010, Filed at 3:29 p.m. ET

    NEW YORK (AP) -- Think you need another TV in the home? Maybe the iPad, Apple's tablet computer, will do the job instead.

    In the latest example of the slim device attracting the attention of the TV industry, Verizon Communications Inc. on Wednesday demonstrated an application that turns the Apple Inc. gadget into another screen for its cable-TV service.

    If the application sees the light of day next year as planned, subscribers to Verizon's FiOS TV service could walk around the home with their iPads and watch live TV. They would be able to channel-surf right on the touch screen, with no need for a remote.
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    Would this also work with the Chrome OS Tablet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by slbailey1 View Post
    Would this also work with the Chrome OS Tablet?
    if they write the App ... (and if Chrome's hardware is as powerful)
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