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    im due for a new phone at the end of august and ive been debating between the palm pre plus (att) and the htc aria. Any suggestions?

    I have come to these conclusions. Size-wise they are pretty much the same with the pre plus being abit heavier and thicker (trade off for having a keyboard which I prefer). I like both android and webos with a slight preference for android (only because of htc sense).

    I hear bad things about the pre plus… that its old and that hp might roll out with new ones. However, this doesn’t concern me that much cause im choosing between these 2 phones and processor-wise they aren’t that different and even if I wait for a new one theres no guarantee that it comes to att (which im sticking with).

    I also hear about hardware and battery problems but are these fixed with the att version? Its hard to distinguish in the forums when people complain if it’s the sprint version, Verizon version, or att version. I also hear the htc aria’s battery pretty bad too, anyone know which is worse? I need a phone that will last me a day with moderate usage (mostly texting and emails, few calls, few other stuff)

    Ps. I know this forums bias so I have this same post on androidcentral. any suggestions for or against any of the phones would be really appreciated!
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    The pre is capable of a lot more than the Aria, especially with the fact that you can overclock it's processor to a full 1ghz which is blazing fast, not to mention having the hardware keyboard
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    Aria is a slow processor for an recently introduced Android device although by all reports it's pretty responsive. However, that may not be true with Froyo. It's the first ATT Android device that hasn't been completely panned.

    Also remember that ATT disables side loading on oob Android devices so you will have to root it. No need to do that with Pre.

    There are two more Android devices due on ATT soon. Make sure you research those as well so you don't pull the trigger on the wrong one

    I've been wanting to play with an Android device but I got my Pre before the Aria came out. I still wouldn't change that decision
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    The Pre Plus on AT&T is the highest quality version to date. With UberKernel or F105, you can easily hit the 1GHz mark with the Pre Plus as well, so, compare:

    The AT&T Pre Plus once you overclock:

    1GHz(1000 or 1005MHz)
    512MB of RAM
    16 gigs of storage(15 available).
    physical keyboard.

    I bought my Pre Plus the day it launched on AT&T(order was in on May 16th, got it on the 19th). I have found it is almost painful to use any other device, just because WebOS is very intuitive. You flip left in the gesture area to go back, it is that simple, and it makes more sense than hitting a BUTTON. Switching between running applications is also very simple and intuitive. It is almost funny how I just can't stand having to use an iPhone after using my Pre Plus for three months.

    As far as the battery goes, with the overclocking kernels, you have something called screenstate, which will slow down your phone when the screen is off. This saves on battery so much that unless you are talking or actively using a Pre Plus continually, you should get between 5 and 10 hours of use with the stock battery even when overclocked to 1GHz.

    There are some larger batteries, like the Seidio 2600mAh battery(you can even get a specially modded Touchstone backplate to go with the battery) will solve any problems you may have if you are more active with your usage of the phone than I am. But, playing 3D games will give 3 hours with the stock battery at 1GHz, and that is pushing the phone well, so that should give you an idea about what the stock battery can handle.
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    the htc aria is such an ugly phone loll. The pre is capable of a lot more.
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    As a person with both types of phones I wouldn't recommend any Pre's, i'd go with the Aria without a doubt but the ultimate decision is up to you. I heard they finally yanked the Pre of the shelfs in both Verizon and AT&t stores so they are joining the Shack and Bestbuy, it maybe hard to find one unless you order online. Your decision might have already been made for you.
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    I actually think the Aria is a "cute" phone..but i would go with the Palm Pre Plus on this want a lot of apps/don't need to game.

    Both are pretty nice phones though.

    Too be honest though, if i were on AT&T for the price i'd just get a $99 iPhone 3GS.
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    This is a very close call (imo). I think we would need more info on how you intend to use the phone and what are your "must have's".

    Also, The Aria can be rooted but development seems to be slower (on XDA) when compared to other phones. So if you would consider custom kernels, ROM's, etc. that may be a primary factor.

    I may lean slightly towards the Pre Plus... unless there are some primary features available on Android (that are not on webOS) that are important to you.
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    thanks for all the responses.. heres some more info on how id use the phone

    im not big on rooting phones or anything that messes with the phone in that way (bad experience with previous phones). which means ill be hesitant on overclocking, for my purposes i want to compare stock specs, not overclocking (which i may or may not do). sideloading isnt a big deal although i believe androidcentral has ways to sideload easily (even att phones)

    apps arent that big of a deal as long as some main ones are there (i hear palm has quality ones) but im not big on gaming... only simple boredom games nothing complex/3d

    as i said pre being old or aria being new isnt a big deal cause they pretty much have the same specs. i played with both in the store and found the aria to be a bit faster

    when playing with the phones i preferred (but not greatly) htc aria. i like the use of widgets and the quicker response.. however my main use is with texting and emailing so in that sense i prefer the palm pre for its keyboard. in fact if htc had an android portrait slider id def be going with that. so my problem is do i like android so much better than webos that id do without the keyboard (and so far i havent decided )? but my other main concern is battery which is hard to get a good read on and i dont want to add the bulk of a 2600 mah seido battery.

    i dont necessarily have a 'must have' as both phones have everything i really need. its more about the overall experience which id give a + to android but a + to the physical keyboard.

    as i have to wait another week or so for my current 2 year contract to end im hoping hp will anounce something more definitive or as said above maybe the decision will be made for me if pres are being pulled. im hoping that some of u out there has had a try with both these phones and have an opinion about which u enjoyed more?

    i should also add that im worried about the pre plus's build quality... its the biggest complaint (aside from battery) i hear. i dont want to be exchanging for new phones all the time... does the att version fix most these hardware problems? are people still needing to exchange 3-4 times to get a good att pre plus?
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    Dava Yes a new phone will be coming out it's just a matter of when... many many rumors are October. The biggest thing i see with the Pre + is that Palm and so far HP fully supports the Homebrew group (minus overclocking) So in essence you are not voiding a warranty from palm with adding tweaks to your system.

    Since you happen to not be leaning one way or another then it's going to be hard to say which to get.... You have to realize that MOST of the people here enjoy the heck out of the pre. You will of course get the anti Palm people some of which might have used the pre in the early days where is needed some serious work... with webOS 2.0 coming this year I'd be surprised if major updates don't happen to cause the pre to be a contender.
    In a world of droid, Pre does it better.

    Shouldn't we treat this world like the Garden of Eden and avoid the apple at all costs?
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    From what you have said... It sounds like the keyboard may be a very important factor.

    I would load up Swype (or try another device with it) and see if that eases your concerns about a physical keyboard. If it does not, go with the Pre.

    I always preferred a physical keyboard and it was one of my biggest concerns with switching from the Pre (all my previous phones had a physical keyboard... except the iPhone).

    For me Swype (or Swiftkey) make a physical keyboard pointless. But this is certainly a personal preference and a very important one.

    EDIT: Battery life - I think you will see significantly better battery life on the Aria. Based on my experience with the Pre, EVO, and Hero (after 2.1), you will see about a 30%-50% increase in battery life on Android. The Hero got only a few hours more (which is still very noticeable) in a typical day on 1.X but after 2.1 it was more significant. The EVO and Hero both have 1500mah batteries so the few extra hours on the Hero (using Android 1.X) could be attributed to the larger battery. After the upgrade (to Android 2.1) I saw a significant increase in standby battery drain performance (when the phone was not being actively used, it drained less than previously). The holds true for my EVO as well.

    Personally (and my wife/daughter agree), I can't see using the Pre without an extended battery (we have the Seidio 2600 extended). My wife used the stock battery for a few days while waiting for a replacement phone and was going nuts. Having said that she is very happy with the battery life when using the 2600.

    For build quality it's hard for me to judge because I would hope that others are right and the Pre Plus is much better built. Between my wife, daughter and myself... we have gone through 15-20 standard Pre's. I'm not exaggerating either... Trust me, I really wish I was...
    But this is also a hard one for me because every single one of our original (new) phones last much longer and had far fewer issues. It just seemed like once you get on the refurb program... it's a complete crap shoot. I have rejected 3-4 Pre's immediately upon receiving the replacement because they already had issues. And again, I've read/heard about far fewer issues regarding the Pre Plus... so I'm not sure how applicable our experience is to AT&T.

    EDIT2: Now I sound like I am talking myself out of the Pre... and leaning towards the Aria. I think your deciding factor may be the keyboard vs virtual/Swype.

    I think if you will be doing mostly texting, emails, web surfing and phone calls... the Pre Plus may be perfect.
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    The build quality on an att should be fine. If you are mainly using it as a phone which it seems from your responses there is nothing better than the pre plus (preferably overclocked). The ease of use and intuitive nature of the gestures is great. Also, the notifications on webos are second to none. I have an EVO and a Pre and the Pre is a great little phone (little being it's only negative IMO). You should not have any problems with patching or rooting with webOS it is fool proof for the most part. Your only problem is that you are on ATT. You'd pay a lot less on Sprint and you'd have yearly upgrades instead of two years, not to mention better coverage unless you just happen to live in a area with poor coverage... Your pre plus will be getting webOS 2.0 in the fall but who knows when the Aria will get 3.0 since it has lower specs and Sense.
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    Given what has been mentioned to this point about the specs for 3.0 and AT&T's likely (lack of) motivation/willingness to "endorse/update" Android on the Aria, I would be very surprised if the unit every saw 3.0 (Gingerbread). But 2.X is still a very good mobile OS.

    In one of the other threads, A Verizon user mentioned he has had the same issues common to Sprint and the Pre with his Pre Plus.

    May have to do some homework on that one. Or just take a chance (for either one).

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