right now. Iphone 4.

In order of Importance:
1. Music. probably most important reason. i love my ipod. I like that it's easy and in one package to get music, podcasts and audiobooks to my ipod. it's not that you can't do it on other platforms. It's just not as easy or all in one or you need a bunch of apps. features like gapless playback, it saves my place automatically for audiobooks, equalizer, and other stuff are important. Part of this is the ease of the software hardware solution that i like. An all in one device is a big goal. But the music function is probably more important then the phone to me. i'd just like music, phone, and camera in one device.
2. Apps. There's just tons of apps that i'd use but they aren't making them for my pre.
3. HD video recording/camera.
4. Responsive screen. My pre is not.
5. Details and polish. its a pretty slick, polished end product that hits a lot of details. I like that. not perfect but I
5. form factor - i no longer care about physical keyboards especially after my pre keyboard broke, so i kinda like slabs now.