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    I know that I should head over to Android Central to ask this but I'm a Pre guy not a Droid and don't want to make an account over there.

    My boss and co-worker both have Droids and they are starting to get the Froyo 2.2 update. We are a GroupWise shop which Novell has a product in beta which uses Active Sync and pretends to be an Exchange server as far as the connecting phone is concerned. So any solutions related specifically to Exchange are not applicable.

    Anyway, after the first Droid upgraded to Froyo it has decided to quit syncing with the system. In my digging I found that Google has "quit supporting certain types of certificates" and it appears that "certain types" means any self signed certificate. (Way to go geniuses, its not like every small and medium business use them because they're cheaper than buying one).

    Back from my rant... the official fix is to use a real cert, which from my experience takes a few days for it to get issued by our provider. Does anyone know of a way to force or manage certs on Droid phones to make it accept the certificate? Thanks!
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    I heavily suggest Android Central. They know their stuff over there.

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