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    So there seems to be a rash of new qwerty handsets on the market. I stopped into AT&T and VZW to check out the new kids on the qwerty block, Droid2 and Torch. IMO the Droid2 is definitely an improvement to the Droid qwerty, but Android in general is just not appealing to my needs. I can't imagine using but a few of the huge list of preinstalled apps on it and I never get the feeling that Android is very efficient for typical business use (lots of Outlook and Gmail email, frequent editing of calendar items, contacts, calls and texts). The Droid2 qwerty seems easier to use without double-checking the keys and the removal of the directional pad is a good thing, IMO. I still think the HTC TP2 is the best landscape slider qwerty by a long shot.

    The Torch qwerty is typical of BB and works well, but the vertical slider seems hard to hold comfortably when using the qwerty. It's a little challenge to hold it and not touch the screen unintentionally when using the qwerty. I think the Pre is easier to hold with the slider open than the Torch, but I wish the Pre keys were more like Treo 755/800w. The biggest thing about the Torch to me is that the screen is just really busy with the new OS 6. It seems way to easy to touch things that you don't intend to on the screen, but I suppose that would improve with use and practice. The screen feels like it's too quick to respond to a near-touch, rather than the more confident accuracy I feel like the Pre or iPhone screen give you.

    So, with some new qwertys out, I still like the HTC TP2 best as a landscape slider and I'd take a Bold 9700 over a Torch. The door is wide open IMO for HPalm to bring a great portrait slider with a great Treo-like qwerty to market.

    Any other qwerty fans check these new ones out in comparison to the Pre? Epic 4G is next on the list...

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    Thanks for the insight, Sorli...
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    I've been looking at the Droid2.. It seems more up my alley.. but I'm addicted to my pre though!
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    I don't know why, but no other phones peek my interest. I'm so addicted to this little phone. :-)
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    Just waiting on the epicness of the Epic , that keyboard looks amazing
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    Never been a fan of the hardware keyboard after owning the first iPhone (and also my first touchscreen device). Personally, I can type a lot faster on a virtual keyboard vs a hardware keyboard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LupeValenz View Post
    Just waiting on the epicness of the Epic , that keyboard looks amazing
    Looks like your typical kiddie kb. Comes with a smiley button..
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    No way, not typical I love how they have the android shortcuts, dedicated number row and how it looks like a real keys instead of a sticker overlay

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